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Friday, October 29, 2010

Muslims Wearing Things

I came across a great site today while reading Feminist Philosophers it's called "Muslims Wearing Things." It's a tumblr site created to showcase Muslims, in all and every kind of attire. There has been the recent Juan Williams "scandal" regarding a fear of Muslims in "Muslim Garb" at the airport, and plenty of other expressions of the same fear in the past. The creator of the tumblr wanted to show that there really is no "Muslim Garb" and hopefully show people who don't come in contact with Muslim people often, that they are unique, like any other group of people.

Here is one of the photos:

Caption (from the site): This is Ramez Al Mualla. He’s a Muslim proudly serving in the US Army. He’s dressed in garb… and he’s on an airplane.

Visit Muslims Wearing Things here

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elementary my Dear Watson! (review of Sherlock, Season 1, BBC)

I must say, BBC is certainly keeping me entertained and engaged with their series. First I was blown away by the first season of Luther, starring the lovely and talented Idris Alba, then I was hit again with season one of Sherlock. BBC does big things in a small amount of time. Luther had only 6 episodes in it’s first season, and Sherlock had only three (at 90 minutes each).

The star, Benedict Cumberbatch, depicts Sherlock Holmes in a way I’ve never seen before. My immediate comparison was to Robert Downey Jr.’s recent Sherlock Holme’s performance. It took me a little while to get use to how snarky Cumberbatch was in the character. I’m use to a Sherlock Holmes that is unintentionally off-putting, where as BBC’s Sherlock is very forward in embarrassing and belittling people with his gift. He has the usual smarts of Sherlock Holmes, and is also a “smart Alec.”

Even with the new approach to the character there is still the classic violin playing, the villainous Moriarty and the quirky detective skills. I did enjoy the modernity in the use of technology in the series. iPhones are a big part of the plot, and you won’t catch an episode without multiple text message conversations. Dr. Watson is also a blogger.

The series also plays around with homosexuality a bit. After watching the whole season, at times I thought Sherlock Holmes was gay, or Watson was gay, or both.

I definitely give the first season of Sherlock 5 stars. I’m anticipating the next one.

P.S. - I am just a little sad that in both the recent Sherlock Holmes movie and in Sherlock the phrase “elementary my dear Watson!” is never said. :-\

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YouTube Tuesday: The Most Ridiculous Edited-For-TV Film Lines

Today's YouTube Tuesday was found by my hubby on Gawker. In general, I think cursing/cussing should be used in limitation, but these scenes certainly don't have the same fire in their edited formats. Check it out:

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Cake and White Dresses

Yesterday was my one year marriage/wedding anniversary. The hubby and I ate year old cake for no reason other than it was tradition, so we were supposed to do it. But you know what? It was nice (not the cake, I probably should have wrapped it tighter lol). The experience was nice. Eating from a cake topper that we ate from a year before made us stop, and reflect. A lot can happen in a year, and time certainly flies, but just that small realization while looking at the cake was nice. We need those things in life that make us stop and remember/reflect. We’re thinking about buying a cupcake on every anniversary so we can freeze it and eat it a year later to offer that moment of reflection each year lol.

From what I’ve read up on it, apparently the the tradition was considered good luck and the couple was to save a bit of wedding cake to celebrate a baby’s arrival into the family during the first year of marriage. The cake would be eaten at the wedding and at the new child’s christening. Back in the day original wedding cakes were loaves of bread broken over the bride’s head to promote fertility.

Hmm... well no children around here for a little while lol. But it was nice to partake in this random tradition, and I am now happy to get that space back in my freezer.

Also while I was googling wedding lore I came across the fact that wedding dresses were not always white traditionally. In ancient times brides wore bright colored wedding dresses to signify their joy. White for western brides didn't become fashionable until the 19th century when Queen Victoria wore it at her wedding to signify her status.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Helping = Maturity?

I have found myself on many occasions fortunate enough to have people willing to make exceptions for me; bend rules to afford an opportunity to me, create positions so that I could work, cash in debts on my behalf. I now find myself almost aching to do the same thing for others, but don’t have the means. There are so many people I would like to help with employment and resources, but I am no where near in a position to do so. That irks me! So many people have given me the gift of assistance that I want to give it back to others. For right now I’ll do what I can. Maybe I can’t give them money, but I’ll volunteer for them. Maybe I can’t hook them up with a job but I’ll help them with a resume, or list myself as a reference. I do think that my wanting to help people like others have helped me is a sign of growing up. I think there are definitely stages of thankfulness and willingness to help that correlate to how much a person has grown.

Infancy - Give me! Give me!
This is the stage at which a person believes they are entitled to whatever they want, and all the help they want, not because of anything they have done, just because...

Toddler - I did good, where is my reward?
This is the stage at which a person does good things, but expects to be rewarded each and every time they do something.

Childhood - I’ve done good. Oh, you’d like to reward me? Thanks!
This is the stage at which a person works hard because they know they should, and is appreciative of all assistance and reward they receive.

Teenager - Thank you for all the help. Who can I help?
This is the stage where a person has received help, appreciates it, and wants to help others, but doesn’t quite have the resources.

Adult - I’m here to help, who needs it?
This is the stage where a person has received help, appreciated it, and is now helping others.

Senior - Who’s up next?
This is the stage where a person has received help, appreciated it, has helped others, and now wants to know who they can prepare to help others once they are gone.

I think as we get older the world becomes less and less about US, and more about what we can be to other people, and the legacy we can leave behind when we are gone.

Do you think that willingness to help and appreciation of help coincide with a person’s maturity as a person?

YouTube Tuesday: SNICKERS

I was craving Snickers one afternoon...

Sidebar: Often after I eat a Lean Cuisine meal I have an immediate craving for chocolate. I feel like since my whole lunch consisted of 220 calories I am entitled to something great, like a Snickers bar.
/end sidebar
... and my co-worker sent me this video. I though I'd share it for this week's YouTube Tuesday. I find it funny, yet creepy. Enjoy.


Sunday, October 10, 2010


Tonight I closed my most recent show, "Ladies in Waiting." From the audition to closing night it was definitely an awesome experience. I feel so blessed to have been a part of such an awesome show with such an awesome cast and crew.

I have historically been blessed with awesome casts. With few exceptions I always find my casts to be a family, a group of people that start as castmates and end as family. That is truly a blessing in a world where it is easy for people to get a big head or become "divas."

Hugely talented and humble hearts, those are the people that I love.

Cast of "Ladies in Waiting"


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There is no such thing as high standards

There is no such thing as high standards

I say that because while people may initially have high and perhaps unmeetable standards for a mate, when real love comes into the equation, all that is washed away.

There is nothing wrong with having high standards, but I find that once a person falls in love they are willing to break their “rules” for that person. It isn’t that the standards are being lowered, but that the standards don’t matter as much because of what that person is in their life.

People often ask “How do you know when you’ve fallen in love?” I think this may be part of recognizing it. If you have sworn since age 14 you would never date a man/woman who {insert something you dislike}, but find that thing isn’t very important in the grand scheme of a truly loving relationship, then you are probably in love.

When you find the right person, you won’t try to fit them into the box you’ve built for the perfect woman/man, you’ll find that they are the perfect person FOR YOU and that is all that will matter.

Related post: being the perfect wife.

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Let go of the clocks

This morning I slept until about 10am because my cell phone was dead so I couldn't look at that time. As a result, I slept until I felt well rested. Normally, even on the weekends I'll force myself to get up around 9am, checking the time sporadically through the early morning. Seeing time go by I'm always thinking "I'm burning daylight" so I force myself out of bed, at times still sleepy.

But why? Why force myself to get up when I am still sleepy if I don't have to?

Time is a dictator in our lives. We're so caught up in biological clocks, career clocks, education clocks, etc. that sometimes we ignore what we really want or need as a result of conforming to these timetables.

In some instances we've got to let the clocks go. Don't let some societal standard of the right time, or the right amount of time dictate how you live your life. If you need more time for something, take it, and if you are ready ahead of society's schedule, do what you know you can do.

Happy Saturday :-D

Friday, October 1, 2010

Funny or Die Friday: Mike Tyson does "Every Little Step"

Now, I usually post videos on Tuesdays for my YouTube Tuesday series, but I could not wait that long to post this hilariousness. Also, this is from Funny or Die, not YouTube, which makes this an impromptu "Funny or Die Friday." I bring you Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson doing Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step." Bobby even makes a cameo.

I've decided that the next time I am sad, I am going to look at this video, and watch Mike Tyson dance, and it will be impossible for me to stay in a bad mood lol.

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