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Monday, January 31, 2011

The U.S. wants to be able to shut off the Internet too

Because of all the coverage of the current "Egyptian Revolution" I'm not sure how many people in the U.S. realize that congress is floating around legislation that would allow the president of the United States to have an "internet kill switch" - quite similar to the mechanism Egyptian officials used to stop internet there.

The bill is being floated by Republican Senator Susan Collins. She says:

"The bill is designed to protect against “significant” cyber threats before they cause damage. My legislation would provide a mechanism for the government to work with the private sector in the event of a true cyber emergency. It would give our nation the best tools available to swiftly respond to a significant threat.”
Now if you're like me, you're thinking "What kind of cyber threat would require killing the internet?" The example she gave when presented with that question was being able to require the system that controls the floodgates to the Hoover Dam to cut it's internet if the government detected and imminent cyber attack. *blank stare*

For something as specific as that, not only is there not a need to cut off wide span internet usage, but it also seems like the infrastructures of things like the Hoover Dam should already have precautions in place for cyber hacking. And how does one know a cyber attack is coming in enough time to stop something of the sort? This seems too easily something that could lead to internet censoring.



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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YouTube Tuesday: This Winter Weather

This edition of YouTube Tuesday I got from my boss at work via facebook. This video is HILARIOUS. She really hit the nail on the head on how I've been feeling about this winter weather. I have literally found myself perplexed with how to conduct my life with 7 degree, and below zero degree weather. This is the funniest video I've seen in a while. Anyone living in one of the states that seems to get a snow, sleet or a "wintery mix" every other day will appreciate this.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Role Models and Setting Examples

I have been asked questions on formspring twice recently that had to do with role models and celebrities setting examples. One was What do you think about Serena Williams' outrageous tennis outfits? Is she on the cutting edge of fashion or just starved for attention? What kind of example does this set for young girls in your opinion? and the other was Do you think Queen Latifah is a lesbian? Do you think this is bad since she is a role model for many young black girls?

You can click the links for my answers, but these questions prompted me to just do a general post on how I feel about the concept of role models and setting examples. Right now at 25 years old I don’t think I can tell you one celebrity who I felt was my role model, or who set an example for how I lived. This means one of two things, either I had some, and they didn’t matter enough to effect my life, or I never had any at all.

I feel like the influence and values of my family kept me from having any role model or modeling myself after anyone, or at least anyone who didn’t line up with my values. I strongly believe that if a young person is in a strong home where they are being filled mentally and spiritually with good values, even watching 24 hours of Nicki Minaj isn’t going to make them start wearing makeup and low cut tops. The first role models in a child/teen’s life should be their parents. A strong home life is the barrier to ill role models.

Celebrities are in a position where young people can model themselves after them, whether they like it or not. But I think it is those young people who don’t have a REAL LIFE role model that will fall to following the ways of a celebrity. Even if this is the case, while I do believe celebs have to hold some responsibility for they way they project themselves, it is more of a societal fail as a whole that there wasn’t a family member, or teacher, or counselor that was able to be a role model in that young person’s life. If Lil Wayne is a young man’s role model, it’s likely because the people in his real life haven’t offered to guide him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The thing about humans...

We care about our causes, and forget that not every cares, and that there are other causes.

How many times have you seen someone say something like “OMG, how could you be watching American Idol when there are chipmunks in Australia being abused.” (well, not exactly those words, but you get the point). When we see someone make a statement like that we think “OMG, I have a life, I can’t be concerned with world peace every waking moment of my life.” BUT, then when it comes around to our cause, we’re upset that people are tweeting during “national don’t tweet to save the endangered Can-Can dancers day.” WE ALL HAVE OUR CAUSES. We have to remember that not everyone believes in our causes, and that other people will have causes we don’t care about. Let’s all just be sensitive to each others causes shall we?

We like our opinions to be validated.

It cracks me up when I see people on social network or blog sites say how they pity people who care about their number of friends, followers, subscribers, etc. or making fun of someone who’s seeking blog/twitter followers. WE ALL LIKE OUR OPINIONS TO BE VALIDATED. WE ALL HOPE THAT THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE OVER THE INTERNET LISTENING TO US. The degree to which someone cares about their online social status varies, but if you REALLY didn’t care that people read your words, you’d write them in a notebook, and not online.

Sometimes we let our bias blind us.

There are people who are against our current administration in the U.S. for whatever reason, and refuse to believe anything coming from that administration can be good. The latest is the recent backlash on a change in policy that would make the food in our children's schools more healthy. People automatically say “No, the government needs to mind their business and stay out of my kids lunch” but really does that even make sense? Why in the world would a person be against healthier school meals? All the way up to college I never had the option of a salad in my school cafeteria. How absurd is that? Yes, the government shouldn't’ have their hands in everything, but if they have to be the ones to mandate a serving a fruits and vegetables being available for every meal at a school then so be it. SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO LOOK BEYOND OUR BIAS AGAINST PEOPLE, PLACES, AND THINGS AND JUST SEE GOOD FOR GOOD.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today the FCC allowed Comcast, the nation’s largest cable and internet service provider, to merge with NBC Universal. Everything about the Comcast-NBC merger is bad for consumers. It is VERY dangerous to allow a cable provider to own a cable network. NBC content which use to be available in online resources, and places like Netflix could soon cease to exist, if Comcast feels you should only be able to see your Law and Order: SVU or Saturday Night Live through their cable exclusively, or only though their web service.

There is certainly nothing “neutral” about this merger. Comcast is being given more and more power towards ruling the media. I know in Philly you almost HAVE to have Comcast in some neighborhoods.

If you don’t have Comcast, you will still be affected because Comcast can now charge its competitors large amounts to carry NBC, which in turn will lead to higher fees for you, for what has always been a “basic” channel.

As if there isn’t already enough media bias when it comes to the news, I’m sure we can expect no negative light to be shown on Comcast, or any of its affiliates on NBC news programs. THIS IS DANGEROUS. The media is being literally bought by this corporation.

Check out freepress.net for more info on media reform, this merger, and what you can do to encourage the FCC to work in the favor of the people, as they should be.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Totally Cool Story of 25 Years Ago

At this exact moment 25 years ago I was in my mother's tummy, ready to make my entrance into the world. I had already forced my mom's water to break and I was ready to go! Well actually, my mom had slipped and fallen on some ice and her water had broken, but she didn't know it until later that evening...My grandmother hypothesizes that she may be going into labor and they head to the hospital, its baby time!...however, my mom had different plans, she would not push. My mother was highly superstitious at the time, and exactly 25 years ago from right now would have been January 13th. She would not have me on the 13th, because 13 was an unlucky number!

The doctors did their doctor magic using their doctor drugs to keep everything calm until the 14th began to roll around. On January 14th, 1986 at 8:31am I came into this wonderful world. But there was a problem! I was a girl! I was suppose to be a boy! "I wanted a booooooy!" my mother exclaimed. Having to think of a girl name, as prior to me coming out with a vagina my name was to be Lamont, on a whim, my mother came up with LaNeshe'.

And that is the story of my birth. Happy Birthday to me!! THANK YOU MOMMA


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to do with 25?

Well, the day is upon me, I will be 25 on Friday.

I'm not dreading it at all, or counting down the days left in my 20s. I'm just kind of wondering, what do I do? Do I do anything? What have I done? How big of a deal is this really? lol

There is always this pressure on any birthday. Maybe it is artificial pressure. The thought that everyone expects your birthday to be special. The pressure on knowing how to answer "What did you do?" and "What did you get?" perhaps?

I think I'm in a pretty good place for a 25 year old.

What is in store for my 25th day? - working, a chocolate caramel cake made by my bosses husband, and Indian takeout with the hubby post-work.

What is in store for my 25th month? - ending the month with my girls in our annual January birthdays celebration out.

What is in store for my 25th year? - buying my first home, and most likely getting pregnant (yes, I said the P word lol)

What do I hope for post-25? - more opportunities to perform, getting myself healthier, developing an even stronger marriage, being a good parent (again with the P words!)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Current Obsessions

TV: Misfits

Misfits is a British TV show that comes on the E4 network. Oddly enough, I only came across it because I saw a picture of Antonia Thomas (second from the left) and I loved her hair and looked her up. I'm happy I did because I LOVE the show. The premise is that after this freak storm the five main characters and other people in the town inherent odd powers. I know it sounds cheesy but the storytelling is great, and the characters are awesome. Within the last two weeks I've watched all of the first two seasons. I can't wait for the third.

Games: Game Dev Story for the iPhone

This is my current iPhone obsession. Game Dev Story is a simulation game where you run a game development company. It's kind of like an advanced game company version of that old Lemonade Stand game. You have to make decisions, hire and fire staff, make games, advertise, etc. It's like running a real company, I love it.

Online: Lolasgreenhair.com

Lolasgreenhair.com is my new favorite website for hair product shopping. The concept of the site is similar to an eBay. You can buy and sell new or partially used hair products. It's great because it gives you a cheap way to try out products, and also a way to get rid of products that didn't work for you but might work for someone else.

The Making of a Great Saturday...

1. Snow that I don't have to go out in

2. Marital activity ;-)

3. Great ham and cheese omelets provided by my hubby

4. Lemon zinger tea provided by my Keurig

5. Sitting on the couch watching Misfits

6. Failing multiple times at the same board on Splinter Cell with my hubby

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is it possible to plan too much?

I am an advocate of making plans when you want to do things. I am not an advocate of over planning or using planning as a crutch.

I've seen very often a person who will take SO much time planning, making intricate time-lines, charts and graphs, that in the end the only thing they actually DO is plan, they never get anything accomplished.

Just like most things in life, planning is a good thing, but you have to find a balance between planning well, and and over planning, or using planning as a procrastination technique to keep from actually doing what you are planning to do.

Are you using planning a crutch?
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