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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What used to be

There was a thunderstorm today that made me think of you
What could have been, what hasn’t been, what should have been
What used to be

Friendship is a funny thing
In the throes of laughter and good times you never imagine
Years later when calls will be ignored
Years later when affinity becomes awkwardness

When not even a Facebook poke remains between us I still remember
What used to be

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

YouTube Tuesday: Lil Buck and Yo-Yo Ma

Today's YouTube Tuesday is touching to me. See below street dancer Lil Buck dancing to the music of famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma. I just really enjoy the convergence of art-forms in general, and to bring a hip-hop dance form together with the cello just makes me smile. The piece is an interpretation of “The Dying Swan” from Camille Saint-SaĆ«ns’ Carnival of the Animals. Happy Tuesday! :-D


Monday, April 11, 2011

Rewarded for doing what's right?

He's a good man, he doesn't cheat on his woman.

Rewards for children who get A's and B's on their report card.

Pizza party for the students who get perfect attendance.

It occurred to me today that we as a society are in the habit of rewarding people just for doing what is right. A man who doesn't cheat on his woman shouldn't be anything special, that should be the standard, no reward needed. A child gets ice-cream for achieving A's and B's on a report card, but that isn't excellent (meaning, excelling past the norm) that is just normal, or at least it SHOULD be.

The problem is that we have let less-than good become the standard in so many arenas. This promotes the idea that just doing good means you are "doing something."

Prizes should be handed out for individuals that exceed good. Pizza parties should be for students who voluntarily stay after school for extra study, not those who come to school everyday as they should. If this were the case, people would excel, they would work to do great, knowing that good is what is expected. This would raise the bar of life.

Strive to be an A+, A's and B's are just par.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stylish Blogger Awards

A huge thank you to L of NaturalReviewByL for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award. Her blog is an EXCELLENT resource for those seeking information on natural hair, and over all healthy living.

To accept the award, you must follow these rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award

Seven things about me:

1. I LOVE to perform (act and dance).
2. I've been skydiving.
3. I graduated from Temple University
4. I don't believe in dentists (I believe in good dental health, but I think dentists give people problems with their teeth lol).
5. I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan.
6. I am married to an AWESOME man.
7. I love video games.

Here are the 15 bloggers I'd like to give the Stylish Blogger Award (please check them out, they are all great blogs):

Ronnica of The Ignorant Historian (a general great blog about life, books, faith, and humor)

Miss Lynn of Thoughts of a Randomista (a general blog, but not for the faint of heart lol. She gets into the nitty gritty with no apologies)

Kiianah of Natural Becomes Her (great natural hair blog)

Naturalness (a great natural hair blog, that has an AWESOME web comic series on natural hair created by using The Sims)

Jamila of College Curlies (natural hair blog, one of my favorites)

Monique of Sofull Sista (great blog on food, hair, and style)

Lo of Suggestivetongue (sex and sexuality blogger, she pulls no punches)

Trevhamm.com (great faith/spirituality blog)

Socialite Dreams Blog (life, fashion, hair and life - has a wonderful Wednesday series, Hump Day-Hotties)

Natural Belle (hair and fashion)

Brandi (great tumblr blog - photos, poetry, everything)

Alex of The Good Hair Blog (great natural hair blog, she also has a hair product line)

Pretty Natural Divas (great natural hair blog, and they have nice merchandise)

L of Natural Review by L (another great natural hair blog *who gave me this award*)

^^^visit those blogs, they are awesome and deserving of the Stylish Blogger Award.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At what point do you have to accept that you are...strange?

I’ve seen a lot of comments around the internet on the “Teacher makes fun of student with Jolly Rancher’s in her hair on Facebook” story that go something like: Although the teacher had no right to put the girl’s photo on Facebook and make fun of it, why would a mother put candy in her child’s hair and not expect ridicule, at the least from other students?

Similarly, a recent episode of “How do I look?” featured this woman:

Her family put her on the show, because her outfits, which always contained one OR MORE tu-tus were embarrassing to them out in public, and were hindering her aspirations as a make-up/fashion designer.

My husband and I debated her need for a makeover. I said, yes, she needed one, a tu-tu is a costume, and while I love eccentricity, she was crossing the line into strange. He felt like her family should be ashamed of themselves for trying to push their style on to her, and not accepting her how she was.

These scenarios beg the questions: At what point do you have to accept that you are going to be considered odd?

Being eccentric is fine, and not caring about what others think is fine, but at what point do you have to anticipate negative reaction?

I am sure that there are some people who would say that because I where my hair natural I should EXPECT odd stares on the street at my ‘fro.

In a perfect would, it wouldn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter, what a person’s outside appearance is and how they dress or wear their hair, but in the real world, it does matter. Accepting that, and dressing out of the norm is fine, but if you’re wearing three tu-tus are you allowed to be offended if someone points, laughs or stares?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bad Facebook Behavior

There have been two recent cases of teachers badly depicting their students on Facebook. In one instance, a teacher posted a picture of one her students wearing Jolly Rancher candies in her hair, and led her Facebook friends in mocking the photo. {source}

The second incident was a teacher who called her students (6-8 years old) “future criminals.” on her Facebook page. {source}

While I don’t think these teachers should have posted these things on their Facebook pages, the fact remains, that Facebook or not, they had these feelings towards their students. In the pre-Facebook age, maybe they would have printed the photo and snickered at it over brunch on a Saturday afternoon, or just complained to their friends about the delinquent 7 years olds in their class... either way, the feelings are still there.

That’s the things about the internet, it doesn’t MAKE any one racist, insensitive, rude, or dumb...it just offers them a platform to express those less than stellar qualities about themselves.

The issue really seems to be answering the question of why is it that the force spending the most time with our children have thoughts that align with tearing children down, rather than building them up? Are they in a career they don’t want? Is it become they are underpaid? What is it?

I’m highly uncomfortable with a teacher who predicts a 6 year old is a future criminal. A teacher should be trying to mold young children into future leaders, not chalking their lives up to the world of crime.

Much praise to teachers who despite never getting the recognition/pay they deserve, still seek to do their jobs to the best of their ability, both in the classroom, behind closed doors, and on Facebook.

Note: I really only take a problem with ill Facebook behaviour that has to do with students. If a teacher wants to go clubbin’ on a Saturday night and post pictures holding three drinks, and doing a split in the club, I take no issue, because that has nothing to do with her professional life.... unless she has students as friends on Facebook.... or in the club with her lol
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