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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The ABCs of Fall: B is for Boots!

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When it comes to fall wardrobe, boots are essential! Tall boots, short boots, flat boots,boots with heals. Boots with leggings, boots with tights, boots with dresses, boots with skirts! One thing I've never tried is the boots with tights and shorts look. There is a very small time in the beginning of fall where this can be pulled off before it gets too cold.I'll try it, see how I like it on myself. Here I bring you, gratuitous photos of beautiful boots lol:

What is a staple part of your fall wardrobe?


  1. I loooovveeee the yellow boots and the orange blazer!

  2. Oh I LOVE those boots with the zipper up the back. And boot-height socks! Gimme!!

  3. @Ashley - Yes to boot-height socks! I only have one sufficient pair.

  4. Nice!!! I'm so with you on these ABC'S! Boots & Blazers are my fall staples. Love the second photo!

  5. I want the boots with the zippers on the back!


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