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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pinstrosity: When Pinterest Projects Go Wrong

If you're on Pinterest, you likely love Pinterest. Hopefully,  you're trying out those things you find on Pinterest and not just pinning with no action. Sometimes Pinterest projects go well, and sometimes...they don't. I came across this hilarious blog (on Pinterest, no doubt lol) that showcases the Pinterest projects that don't go so well. Let me introduce you to Pinstrosity

Here are a couple of my favorite Original Pins vs. the Pinstrosities:

Photo credits: Pinstrosity 

Does anyone have any tales of Pinterest projects gone horribly wrong? lol

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alice in Nappyland's 10 Empties Challenge

The lovely Alice of Alice in Nappyland is having a 10 Empties Challenge starting today. The goal of the challenge is to not purchase any new hair, beauty or makeup products until you have emptied 10 whole products. The purpose is to cut down on the excessive amounts of hair and make-up products many of us have. 

The Rules: 

  1. As of March 26, 2013, no new products. Period. Unless a Big Horrible Thing happens. 
  2. 3 deluxe samples = 1 full sized product 
  3. 1 jumbo sized product=2 full sized products  
  4. If a product has been declared a Holy Grail prior to March 26, 2013 you can repurchase it. 
  5. If you run out of an Essential you are allowed to repurchase it. (ex: you only have one bottle of shampoo and you finish it as part of this challenge, you can get another bottle. Clean hair is important) 
  6. You can buy products as gifts for other people. 
  7. Swapping products is acceptable (and encouraged!) but you can’t buy new products with the intention to swap them for something else. 
  8. Products that have gone bad do not count as “Empties.”
This should be fun. I really have a TON of hair and beauty products, so this should help me cut down. As I finish things I intent to review them here as well for those interested in what products I use for what purposes for hair and beauty. 

Who else would like to join?!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I do not like change. I'll deal with it. But it frustrates me and it stresses me out, even though in most cases the end result is beautiful. When Google announced the other day that they were discontinuing Google Reader I had a fit, a literal fit, I through an adult temper tantrum. Google Reader is how I have been reading all the hundreds of blogs I follow. Immediately after the announcement, it seemed like every other Reader service's website was overloaded, which made finding a replacement hard in the beginning. 

But, I've found it. I am officially moving to Bloglovin'. It has a nice interface and it's easy to add blogs to follow. You can also follow my blog on Bloglovin if you were following it with Google Reader previously. 

I am taking this Reader transition as an opportunity to clean up my blog subscriptions. Instead of importing them all over, I'm adding them one by one, to ensure that I only have blogs that still interest me on my list. 

Did you find yourself thrown for a loop at Google's announcement? What Reader service are you switching to?
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