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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

You don't need it, but it'd be great to have it

As I've browsed around the internet I've come across a couple of products that fall into the "I don't need it, but boy would it be convenient to have it" category. 

The "Moody couch" is a bean-bag style couch with built in pillow and blanket for days you just want to curl up in a cocoon and nap. I would LOVE this. 

 Inflatable car bed! This would make naps on long road trips SO MUCH BETTER. 
Ok, let me share something that isn't related to sleeping lol...

 Ramen spoon and fork. No longer would I have to have a spoon AND fork in my bowl of ramen, perfect combo. 
Source: via LaNeshe on Pinterest

 20-Ounce Lunch Crock Food Warmer. Who needs a microwave at work when you can warm up your lunch in a mini crock-pot!?

Ok, perhaps some things that have nothing to do with eating lol...
Source: via LaNeshe on Pinterest

 Do you hate having to pick the lint and pet hair out of your broom? Problem solved.

 Cup holder (check). Back rest (check). Arm rests (check). Slot for remote control (check). Slot for books (check). Light to read at night (check). AND it massages! Win.

Have you seen any products that you don't really NEED but would certainly be awesome if you had them?


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  2. Where did you find this stuff at? So neat. Def squeed when I saw the lunch crock pot

    1. Most of the stuff I find on pinterest. The crockpot my co-worker shared with me after she saw it on Amazon.

  3. Shoes & clothes! Don't need more of them, but new stuff is fun. That bean-bag couch looks so cozy!

  4. Oh, there are two items there I'd love! The car bed is BRILLIANT, and that dust pan would be GREAT!


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