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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Parenthood at 5.5 Months

Here we are. Five and a half months into parenthood. In short, it's amazing. It's so interesting how much I can love a little person that can do nothing for me. How happy seeing her little face makes me. She has what Hubs calls a "cuteness vortex." If she catches you in it, forget about productivity. Next thing you know it's an hour later and all you've done is repeat the same sound over and over to hear her laugh, or watched her try to do something as simple as reach a block just out of her grasp... and then put it in her mouth, because everything goes in her mouth.

Parenthood has brought my ingenuity to a whole new level. I can do pretty much anything one handed at this point. I've also learned to accept things being a bit messy.

BabyCakes is amazing. She has two teeth. She's rolling. She can sit up supported. She's expanded her diet from solely Breast milk. She smiles all the time. She's truly the happiest baby I know, and I love her to pieces.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Help me choose a new hairstyle.

I've never had a haircut before, and I think it's time. Coco Chanel said " A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." My life has already changed and I think it's about time my hair follows suit. Operation Hide My Edges has been going well but quite frankly I'm tired of hiding. The shape of my hair is so BLAH right now with the thinning in my edges and other areas due to postpartum shedding. I don't feel like managing my hair at this length anymore. I could make time for it, but I'd rather have less hair that takes less time, giving me more time for things like sleep, playing with my baby, and my ever growing TV backlog. 

I want a cut with shape. I want color. I want a change! I'm thinking of something like one of the looks below, or maybe something completely different, I don't know!

Which style do you like the best?

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