The Reality of Healthcare

There will never be true health care reform because hospitals are all in Washington's pockets. Whats good for the people, isn't good for the bank accounts of the health care racket, so the people will continue to suffer; in debt because of medical bills, or dying because of lack of treatment. The actual HEALTH of Americans is the last thing on the minds of the people most invested in this debate. The "health care" industry is just another business, where dollar signs will make the final call....which is sad.

Hospitals already see individuals using Medicare and Medicaid as "bad patients," because they only get 80% of the bloated amount they would like to charge for their services. These patients are looked at as a LOSS to them to treat.

Really? A loss? Treating a patient and making them healthy is a loss?

You would think that everyone wins when someone's health is improved, but that's not the case. The people with the most money are the people who deserve to be healthy, apparently.

Money before medicine.

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