Toxic Productivity

Let’s talk about toxic productivity. The concept that there is something you can do, a product you can buy, or a method you can learn that will make you more productive, and make the impact of labor less hard on you. 

A DM chat with my friend Jill recently illuminated something for me: we get up daily thinking there is something different we can do to make the day less exhausting than yesterday. But you know what? In some cases that just isn’t possible, especially for working parents during this pandemic. 

One person is not meant to SIMULTANEOUSLY teach their child (or help their child on virtual school), be their child’s only in-person friend, cook meals for their family, keep their house, and work a full time job + extracurricular activities and side hustles. After the eleven day weekend the first Monday of 2021 was still EXHAUSTING. Because that load is exhausting. 

And this message really goes for everyone. If you didn’t start the new year with vim, verve, and excitement to get things done, that’s ok. If you’re tired, that’s ok. WE ARE LIVING THROUGH A PANDEMIC. THIS IS HARD. 

It is so dangerous to our humanity and our spirits to tie so much to productivity. And capitalism will have you believe there is something you can buy, or someone’s masterclass you can take that will make things better for you, but there is only so much you can do the lighten the impossible load many of us are carrying right now. 

Do what you can. Don’t be disappointed in yourself if you’ve reached your maximum. Give yourself grace. Your mental health is worth more than productivity.


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