Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Three Stages of Pregnancy Sleep

A lot of people, upon hearing you're pregnant, throw around the old adage "sleep now, because you won't get any sleep when the baby gets here." This has to be one of the worst pieces of advice ever because most women begin to have sleep issues early on in their pregnancy. Here's how it goes: 

Stage 1: You are newly pregnant and can't sleep because A) your mind is like OMG I'm going to have a baby!, and that can very easily keep you up at night and B) the change in hormones just generally gives you insomnia. 

Stage 2: You can sleep again! BUT, now you are using the bathroom all.the.time. so your deep sleep is interrupted by frequent evening bathroom breaks and sometimes it can be hard to get back to sleep after the trip to the throne. 

Stage 3: You've gotten really good at sleep walking yourself to the bathroom. You can stay mostly asleep, keep your eyes clothes, feel your way to the bathroom and make it back to the bed without really waking up. Great right? Yes, except now you have this huge belly, so you can't sleep on your stomach. Doctors recommend not sleeping on your back. So you're down to two sleeping positions, left side or right side. You've lost the ability to comfortably just roll over from side to side, so you have to fully sit up to switch positions when one side gets numb, which is likely to happen. 

All this sleeplessness, and the sleeplessness to come will all be worth it though, because you are magic, and you have a life growing inside of you. You are incubating the future, and I'd say that's pretty cool :-D

Latest bump pic:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Seven Months In - How's that Vision Board Treating You?

On New Years Eve 2013 I created a Vision Board instead of making a New Years Resolution and hung it in my boudoir so I could see it when getting dressed every day. 

Since we're more than half-way into the year, I thought now was a good time to to check-in and see how/if my vision's are coming true. My main focuses of my vision board were home, relationship and physical health, and....BABIES! lol

Well we know I have a baby on board, so that portion of my vision for 2014 is on it's way. 

Regarding my home I wanted to put more energy into it. This has been happening a bit. We've done work on the guest room that will become the nursery. We got a new living room set, and we upgraded the look of our laundry room replacing some broke down sliding doors with curtains. 

living room

I also wanted the love between my husband and I to flourish. Pregnancy is usually a time that can tear couples apart, but we've been blessed to share even more laughs and good times than we had before. 2013 was SO HARD on us, and 2014 has definitely blessed us. 

I wanted 2014 to be filled with healthy home cooked meals and healthy living. This one I need to work a little harder on lol. Healthy living takes effort, and even more of an effort when you're pregnant, fatigued, and have a really wacky appetite. This vision will take some more work. Here's to an increase in healthy eating and exercise. 

Did you make a Vision Board or set a New Years Resolution?
 How is it going?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Motherhood Worries + Labor & Deliver Support

At the end of my last blog post I asked what you would like my next post to be about. The lovely CC asked: 

Can you talk about what you're most worried about in motherhood or who your support for during labor and after delivery will be? 

When it comes to what I'm most worried about in motherhood most of my anxiety stems from what is going to happen when my three months of maternity leave is up. By the time I was of an age where I could remember my grandfather was retired, so he was essentially my stay-at-home grandpa. I feel like this is a large part of why my childhood was so awesome. I'm worried about being away from my daughter (OMG I'm going to have a daughter!) for so much of the day when I go back to work. I do plan on having her with my at work from time to time, as my grandmother did with me, so I'm very blessed to have a job that is flexible in that way. For the rest of the time, we need to a good nanny, at a good price, so that search will begin once she's here. Because I was pretty much always with my grandparents I can't imagine being a child growing up and only seeing my parents in the morning and night. I know plenty of people do it, because it's pretty much a necessity to be able to be financially stable for both parents to work, but it still gives me worry. 

When it comes to support during labor my husband will be with me and I'm planning to have a doula. I have coffee shop date "interviews" with two potential doulas next week and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to choose between the two of them. 

After delivery my doula will provide some support, my husband is planning to take a week off from work and depending on scheduling my mom will come visit for a few days as well. 

I imagine labor, delivery and those first weeks with her home are going to be the wildest adventure ever...but I am so looking forward to it!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pregnancy Update: Week 24

24 weeks woohoo!

How far along? 24 weeks + 1 day

How big is baby? According to my apps she's as big as a squash and as long as an ear of corn.

Maternity Clothes? I made a trip to Destination Maternity this week and picked up a pair of black skinny pants, two pairs of shorts, and a pair of casual linen pants (they were buy 3 get 1 free!). I feel like I'm definitely squared away in the bottoms department. I have dresses already, and lots of dressy tops. What I feel like I'm missing is just some plain maternity t-shirts for casual dreary weather like it's been ALL WEEK. 

Symptoms? Must pee all the time. 

Mood Swings? Yes. I can have a total meltdown over absolutely nothing. 

Buy anything for baby this week? Since my last update I think the only thing I've bought were some cloth diapers. This weekend we're planning on getting a changing table and dresser to start putting away all the diapers I've already bought, and the clothes people have given us already.  

Sleep? I'm usually ready for bed by 10, pee 2-3 times during the night, and then my brain is wide awake at 5am. 

Best Moment This Week: Being able to see her movement from the outside, and Hubs feeling her move. 

Cravings: Dunkin Donuts Arnold Palmer Coolattas were my thing last week. 

What I miss? Not having to use the bathroom ALL THE TIME. 

What I am looking forward to? Making headway on the nursery, washing and storing the diapers and clothes we have so far. 

In other news, I have less and less of a belly button every day. This innie is sure to turn into an outtie one day soon. My nails are starting to see the pregnancy benefits. They're longer and stronger than usual. 

What would you like my next blog post to be about?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Philly Natural Hair Show 2014 + Ticket Giveaway!

I am so excited the Philly Natural Hair Show is back this year, Saturday, June 7th. I had a great experience last year. I feel very fortunate that I will be a part of their blogger/vloggers session again this year. Here are some other event highlights: 

John Casablancas Modeling and Acting agency will be at the show scouting. If you are a model or an actor bring your headshots and make sure you stop by their booth!

International Celebrity Hair Stylist Felicia Leatherwood will be leading a workshop and doing a Q&A. 

YouTuber/Blogger Jouelzy will be returning again, as well as lots of other workshops, vendors, and the hair fashion show. 

There will be goodie bags for the first arrivals, while supplies last. Includes products from Miss Jessie's, Curls, Design Essentials, Cantu and more.

Tickets can be purchased HERE for $20...BUT, I have FIVE tickets to give away! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. The giveaway will close Sunday, June 1st at midnight and I will contact the five winners on Monday, June 2nd. 

Good luck!

Monday, May 26, 2014

What is the Millennial Generation's Man on the Moon?

Note: this post contains information about the May 25, 2014 episode of Mad Men. I don't consider the information to have spoilers, but proceed with caution if you haven't watched it and don't want to know any details.

On last night's episode of Mad Men the date in history was in July 1969 when Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 crew landed and walked on the moon. Everyone on the show was huddled around their televisions watching the event. Everyone talked about it leading up to and after the moon landing. It was interesting to see a whole country (as depicted by the show) in a unified interest and consciousness.

It got me thinking, what is our generation's, the Millennial generation's, Moon Landing? What is it that we all sat around and watched in awe? My husband suggested 9-11, which did have everyone huddled around their TVs, but I'm looking for something awe inspiring yet not horror inducing.

What is the Millennial Generation's Moon Landing Experience?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boy or Girl? 21 Week Pregnancy Update

I'm more than half-way through pregnancy. Time is flying! I'm definitely starting to feel more pregnant physically. I get tired/out of breath pretty easily, especially on stairs. The way I bend over is also starting to change already. I'm definitely starting to feel like there is something in my stomach that must be worked around lol. 

How far along? Technically I'm 20 weeks and 6 days, but if I don't get this blog post out today, I'm not sure when it will happen lol. 

How big is baby? Depending on the app I look at, it's the size of a small cantaloupe and as long as a carrot, however that makes sense lol. 

Maternity Clothes? My friend Brittany sent me some maternity dresses and pants that have been life savers. I've bought a couple maternity tops and one pair of pants. I'm trying to stretch my "regular" wardrobe as much as I can. I fear I've almost stretched it as far as it will go at this point. 

Morning Sickness? Didn't have morning sickness at all really. ::praise dances::

Mood Swings? I have times where I feel very...hormonal. I know I'm having a hormonal time when I randomly get mad at people in commercials on TV. 

Buy anything for baby this week? Surprisingly no! I thought for sure I'd run out and get some stuff once I knew the gender, but I just haven't had time. I have gotten a good start on our registry though. Note: Keep reading for gender reveal. 

Sleep? Well, I have to use the bathroom at least twice at night. But other than that I can usually get an o.k. sleep. Since being pregnant I seem much more susceptible to TV affecting my dreams. On Sunday night I was being tried for a crime I didn't commit and there was a bunch of false evidence against me... because I watched Game of Thrones right before bed. 

Best Moment This Week: Finding out the gender! Note: Keep reading for gender reveal. 

Movement: I'm pretty sure I'm feeling this kid move around in there a bit. 

Cravings: The thing I've wanted most is eggs. 

What I miss? Not having to use the bathroom ALL THE TIME. 

What I am looking forward to? More movement, and getting the nursery together. 

Gender: It's a ......GIRL!!!!!