Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keeping Marriage Alive Post-baby

Many couples grow apart after having a baby. Being new parents is a very stressful time. Lucky for us BabyCakes has only brought us closer together. The hard times and the sleepless times only made us rely on each other more.I love seeing Hubs with BabyCakes. Seeing him interact with her as a father makes me love him even more.

None of this negates the simple fact that having a baby gives us much less time with just each other. Most of both of our families are states away. I'd love for one of Sage's grandparents to be close by but that just isn't our reality. Our alone time is limited by our logistics. His sister has been kind enough to give us a couple movie dates and even a whole night alone!

Because we're a party of three more often than not we've had to work on staying connected as a couple. We send each other emails, texts and videos during the day. We also have what we call "Parent's Lounge." Which is our basement after the baby is sleep until we go to bed. We're two floors down from her so we don't have to worry about waking her up. We can watch TV, have a drink, play games and just chill together.

I love our little family, but we can't neglect how it all started, me and him. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I've been having this crazy notion that I could be a Vlogger. I've been having the even crazier inclination to buy a GoPro for the purpose of being a Vlogger. I've been *this* close to pressing purchase on my Amazon Cart stocked with a GoPro and tripod. I've decided if I can do one vlog a week for a month, using just my cell phone, and prove to myself that I actually have the time and desire to vlog, then I'll more seriously consider spending the money. 

Here we go, my first vlog!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hair and Work Updates

In yesterday's post I asked for questions or blog topics, since I've been having a bit of blogger's block lately, and don't want to ONLY share pictures of Baby Cakes. The lovely CC asked if I would give an update on my hair and on work. I'd love to! Here we go: 


Nothing has changed with my hair since this post for a few reasons: 1. My hair has actually started to cooperate. It's as if it read my previous post and decided to behave. 2. It's hard to find the block of time to go to the salon with my baby logistics. I still feel like I'd at least like a trim and some shaping. My edges have started to grow back and my hair seems to be coming around the curve from postpartum shedding. I still would really like some color, but not any of the colors I've shared before. I'd actually really like some PURPLE in my hair. Hopefully I can find a Saturday soon where I can get a trim/shape and some purple color. 

Hair Behaving

Coming back to work after maternity leave wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but it was still challenging. I missed my Baby Cakes, and I had to become accustomed to a whole new morning and evening routine with the addition of packing/re-packing her bag, getting her ready, prepping bottles, diaper laundry, washing bottles and pump parts, etc. I've pretty much got a handle on our routines now.

One challenge that I still have to deal with is pumping. On a good day (meaning I pump as often as I should) pumping will take close to an hour out of my day. Sometimes it feels like as soon as I get into a good groove of working it's time to pump again. But, baby needs her milk! Other than that being back to work has really been great. My co-workers are amazing and supportive and love Sage. She even comes to visit sometimes. 

Pre-baby I was always working on my regular job and like 50 other projects. Right now I'm sticking to my "day job" and 1 or 2 other projects at a time. Prioritizing and scheduling are two things I'm still working on, in both implementation, and not feeling bad about where my focus is on any given day. I think that's all a part of parenting; figuring out what and who needs more of your attention when. 

Any other questions or blog topics? Lay 'em on me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sage Head Wear

I have TONS of photos of Sage on my phone. TONS. I really have a thing with hats on babies. I love hats on babies. Double the points if the hats have ears. Triple the points if the hats have ears and some sort of face lol. 

Here are some of my favorites pieces of Sage head wear: 

This is my favorite hoodie that she owns. I call it her "Louise" hoodie because it reminds me of Louise from Bob's Burgers. 

This is probably my second favorite hat. It's just so cute. 

I believe this is the only bow she's ever worn. I just received some more bows and barrets, so you'll be seeing those soon. 

I can already tell she won't be able to wear this snowsuit next winter. Luckily I got this picture of her in the cute little hood this year. 

This Hello Kitty hat is a recent acquisition. 

This adorable wrap is from Mama and Me Wraps. We have matching ones: 


As much as I'm sure you LOVE Sage photos, I'd like to write some more substantial posts but I've been having Bloggers Block. Please let me know if you have any blog topics or questions you'd like me to answer. 


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My Little 6 Month Old

I am so overwhelmed with emotions. My little girl will be six months old tomorrow. She is just amazing. We are really blessed to have her. She is a great baby. 

She's sleeping well, usually getting up just once per night to eat and then goes back to sleep. 

She's begun eating solids. We're doing a combination of Baby Led Weaning (letting baby feed themselves) and purees. She does purees at the babysitter and home if there isn't much time or if we're eating something she can't have. She does Baby Led Weaning for dinner, eating what we eat, during the week, and for all meals on Saturday and Sunday that we're home for. So far her favorites are ground turkey, broccoli and collard greens. 

We're still breastfeeding. Pumping can get hard sometimes during busy days at work, but we're still hanging in there! My goal is one year and we're half way there. 

She still has only two teeth, but she's definitely teething again so more are on their way. 

She is rolling ALL OVER THE PLACE. Tummy to back, back to tummy. Rolling is her primary mode of transportation. 

Happy Six Month Birthday Babycakes! 

P.S. - if you don't already, follow me on Instagram @nesheaholic. I routinely post her cuteness there, like this gem

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Parenthood at 5.5 Months

Here we are. Five and a half months into parenthood. In short, it's amazing. It's so interesting how much I can love a little person that can do nothing for me. How happy seeing her little face makes me. She has what Hubs calls a "cuteness vortex." If she catches you in it, forget about productivity. Next thing you know it's an hour later and all you've done is repeat the same sound over and over to hear her laugh, or watched her try to do something as simple as reach a block just out of her grasp... and then put it in her mouth, because everything goes in her mouth.

Parenthood has brought my ingenuity to a whole new level. I can do pretty much anything one handed at this point. I've also learned to accept things being a bit messy.

BabyCakes is amazing. She has two teeth. She's rolling. She can sit up supported. She's expanded her diet from solely Breast milk. She smiles all the time. She's truly the happiest baby I know, and I love her to pieces.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Help me choose a new hairstyle.

I've never had a haircut before, and I think it's time. Coco Chanel said " A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." My life has already changed and I think it's about time my hair follows suit. Operation Hide My Edges has been going well but quite frankly I'm tired of hiding. The shape of my hair is so BLAH right now with the thinning in my edges and other areas due to postpartum shedding. I don't feel like managing my hair at this length anymore. I could make time for it, but I'd rather have less hair that takes less time, giving me more time for things like sleep, playing with my baby, and my ever growing TV backlog. 

I want a cut with shape. I want color. I want a change! I'm thinking of something like one of the looks below, or maybe something completely different, I don't know!

Which style do you like the best?