Why Women Carry Large Purses

I use to always say "I will not be a big purse woman!" I'd see all these older women (well older than me) toting their large purses and I swore that, that would never be me as I slung around my small clutch purses....and they I grew up. Now sometimes I even have to carry two bags to hold all the things I need for everyday life.

Why women carry big purses:

1. Make up: when out all day, running errands, working, etc., a woman may need to reapply lip gloss, lipstick, eye liner, lip liner, mascara, foundation, etc.

2. Lotion: Once again, being out all day, especially in the winder, our skin gets dry, and that is unacceptable.

3. Pads, tampons, liners, oh my!: Can never be unprepared, for yourself, or for a fellow woman warrior battling "that time of the month."

4. Painkillers: We get headaches, and we need to get rid of them.

5. Phone, Wallet, Keys: The holy trinity of the purse

6. A book: Books allow us to take control of our own time, if we are waiting for the bus, or in our commute on public transportation, we have a good book to keep ourselves busy, or from thinking about all the things we have to do when we get where we are going.

7. I-pod: If we don't want to read a book, we'll listen to our music.

8. Snacks: Who knows if we'll get to take a full lunch throughout the day, when all else fails, nutrigrain or granola to the rescue!

9. Bottle of water: to wash down our nutrigrain or granola bars.

10. Shoes: Chances are throughout the day we will do some swapping between our "cute shoes" and our "comfortable shoes."

11.Mirror:Remember that make up we carry? We need to see where we are putting it don't we?!

12.Sweater: It is possible that the AC is too high in the summer, or the heat isn't high enough in the winter, so we are prepared.

14.Umbrella:We are prepared for rain,as well.


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  3. I always told myself I wouldn't carry huge purses. And technically, I still don't. I've seen girls at work carrying what amounts to a duffel bag. I once saw a girl lugging a suitcase-type purse through the hall. The school's dress code says students can't carry any bag big enough to hold the school's smallest textbook.

    I'm horrified at the thought of carrying shoes in my bag, but I do have a laptop, textbooks, notebooks, pens, an iPod, lotion, and feminine products in there. It actually needs more pockets so things don't get crushed...


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