Hair Misorientation

About a year and a half ago I decided that I would no longer chemically straighten my hair. I was spending lots of money, and going through painful treatments to make my hair straight. I decided that I was trying to conform to a standard of beauty that wasn’t me. So I decided on only natural styles from that day on.

Hair is a huge part of what makes a woman feel like a woman, and I decided that I was trying to be a woman that I was not. I feel that the way I care for my hair now and the styles I keep are more of ME than ever before. It isn’t easy, as I am still in transition and dealing with two different textures of hair at once (natural and chemically relaxed). But I can’t wait for the day where all my hair is natural , I’m sure sooner or later I’ll just cut off all that isn’t ME.

The moral of the story to women, or men, or whoever would like to take this to heart is to love yourself the way you are, if it takes pain and strife to make yourself look another way, maybe it’s better to just be you?

The below video was one of the things that began my thinking about changing the way I dealt with my hair, it also made me cry, because undeniably, there is still residual psychological effects of the past on our present and the way that Black people see themselves. It says its 13 minutes long but you only really have to watch about 7 minutes up to the credits, but please watch it if you have the time. PLEASE PLEASE watch it if you have the time.


  1. I love that you wrote this. Poeple don't understand what it is like for an African-American female to endure the cosmetic and psychological transition from chemically processed to natural hair. Best on your really is a journey!

  2. Although I can't say my hair texture is anything similar to yours, unlike the typical Asian, mine is coarse and fluffy instead of straight and sleek. I've tried different products to tame my hair, but I suppose I've accepted its ravenous volume. hehe.

    I think this is why I really like India Arie's song, "I'm not my hair."


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