Relationship Myths Busted

I don't understand why relationships get a bad rap!

I can't be in a relationship, I love my family, and I don't want to lose them. Being in a relationship does not mean you lose touch with your family. If you are with a good person, that person becomes a PART of your family, and perhaps later you will create a family with them of your own.

I don't like relationships, I like to be my own person. Why can't you be your own person and still be with someone? Once again, if you are with the right person, you will be free to be exactly who you are. Pretending isn't an innate part of relationships, pretending is an innate part of BAD relationships. You should always be free to be yourself. In a relationship, as opposed to in some friendships and dating, there are no boundaries. Friends and dates, and sometimes even family don't know the 'real' you, the you that is there when the work clothes are taken off and the world isn't watching. Your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, however, knows you, and you can be comfortable with just being free. Your faults, weaknesses, they can know them, and not care, because they love you.

Relationships are no fun. I like to go out and have fun with my friends. Once you are in a relationship, when you go out to the club with your girls (or boys) you don't have the constant rambling in the back of your mind: "Do I look good? Will someone give me their number tonight? Will anyone ask me for my number tonight? Why are all my friends getting all the attention and not me?!" You can relax and have a good time out at the club, bar, show, restaurant or whatever, because you aren't consciously or subconsciously on the 'hunt' for anyone. There is no rule that says people in relationships can't still have a social life outside of those relationships.

I have dreams that I want to fulfill. When you are in a unit, your dreams are multiplied! Now you have someone to travel with you across Europe, someone to edit your dissertation papers while you are studying for your doctorate and someone else to share your dreams with.

*A GOOD relationship doesn't have the problems that people like to use for why they don't like relationships.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being single either, just don't unjustly put relationships down

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  1. haha I hear that... well maybe one day i'll know what that feels like...


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