The Honeymoon Files

What will be missing below are photos of the two coolest things we did during the honeymoon - Scuba Diving and Segwaying around the Bahamas. The scuba diving photos are on a disposable camera that I have yet to develop yet since we just got back to Philly, and the segway photos are on my digital camera which I believe I left in my stateroom on the cruise ship , hoping to recover that tomorrow.

The first port was Grand Turk where we went scuba diving. Scuba diving was AWESOME and SCARY! I've jumped out of a plane, but water scares me lol. I thought since scuba diving happens close to the surface of the water that we would be in the shallow part of the beach.....NOT! They took us out into the middle of the ocean! I was so scared, I clung to the boat the whole time, but it was an amazing experience seeing schools of fish and even a barracuda up close!

This is us, sipping drinks from our carnival cruise ship souvenir cups lol

The next port was Half Moon Cay where we hung out at the beach and swam in THE MOST blue clear water I have ever seen, with sand as sparkling as a diamond, I kid you not!

The third port was the Bahamas where we had the most fun of all. We took a off-road segway tour around the Bahamas, and it was awesome! I SO want a segway for Christmas now lol. For those who aren't familiar, a segway looks like the contraption below.

Let me tell you, this machine is the coolest invention since sliced bread lol. You control it just by shifting your body weight.

Being on the ship was also awesome. We ate SOOOO much. 24 hour room service, 24 hour pizza and ice cream, cleaning of our room and changing of our sheets two times a day, who could ask for anything more? Not to mention we had a room at the back of the ship with our own little balcony!

On our second night the dinning room staff surprised us with cake and a singing of "Happy Honeymoon to You." This is the picture they took as we sat, with the eyes of all the other diners on us lol.

One of the things Carnival is known for apparently is towel animals. Every night when we came back to our room which had been cleaned for the second time in the day, there was a towel animal waiting for us!

I think this one was a seal

This was something cute, not sure, maybe a dog? rabbit?

My favorite, the elephant!

Since Halloween is close there was a "Fright Night." Here is me and the hubby with the "fright" creatures lol.

All in all, I'd say I had a pretty AWESOME honeymoon!!!!!Woot!!!!!

P.S.- pray with me that my digital camera is recovered.

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