Heath Ledger vs. Mo'Nique

I saw the movie "Precious" this weekend. I thought it was a good film. The term I've been using to describe it is "intense." Good cinematography and great acting with a heavy, yet well executed, plot. There is already Oscar buzz surrounding actress Mo'Nique for her role as the mother in the film. I think she did a phenomenal job.

My husband asked if I would say she was better than Heath Ledger as Joker in Batman. My initial reaction was "heck no!" Heath Ledger destroyed (that's destroyed in a good way) that role in a way where no one will ever be able to play the Joker again. He will forever be the Joker. But after I thought about it, I think I would place Mo'Nique on the same level as Ledger. The Joker is a very complex character to play, being insane and all, so a person might say that it is "harder" to play the Joker than to play the Mother in "Precious." But for all intents and purposes, the Mother is mentally ill as well. Both were so committed to the characters that audiences have very visceral reactions to them.

I think both actor's performances can be acclaimed on the same level.

For those who have seen both films, would you say Mo'Nique and Heath Ledger's performances were of equal caliber?


  1. hmm...well, after all the hoopla that Monique caused with the precious premiere, I have a bitter taste in my mouth toward her. I have yet to see the movie; however I think that Mr. Ledger and her being on the same level....hmmm...not feeling it. He had to completely transform himself to become the joker, the character that Monique played wasn’t too far from what she already knew in her personal life so she took her own experiences and crafted them to make a extraordinary performance.

    Heath Ledger Vs. Joker = apples to oranges

    Monique Vs. Mother in Precious = tangerines to oranges…

    (lol did that make any sense?)

  2. I agree with Terri, I think Heath was on a totally different level , i can watch the dark knight ten thousand times and see different levels of acting. either way i feel that yes monique is intense and the movie is a different level for her but i dont think its able to be compared to Heath

    now what do you think about Johnny Depp ( is that how you spell it ) when he played the role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now in the upcoming Alice and Wonderland he will be playing the Mad Hatter?

  3. Johnny Depp was superbly creepy in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I loved the way he handled the character.

  4. I seem to be the only person on the planet who thought The Dark Knight was a retarded movie! If Heath Ledger hadn't of died, nobody would be talking about it. It was a mediocre batman film at best.

    That being said, I haven't seen Precious. So I can't compare the two...but just going by Mo'Nique and Heath Ledger's previous movies? I'm gonna say they're about even.

  5. @Vegetarian Cannibal I think you are the only person I know who didn't like Dark Knight lol. I love Christopher Noland as a director.


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