Movies should have happy endings

A lot of the criticism I'm hearing about Lee Daniel's Precious is that it was too sad or too dark or too emotionally intense. The way I see it, Precious was REAL. It showed one of the ugliest sides of life; some people used that to characterize it as a bad movie.

I think this stems from our need for movies to have happy endings, for good characters to be redeemed and for bad characters to be punished. We seek out movie entertainment for things to go "right," unlike our lives where things happen that aren't always fair.

It can be argued that entertainment should just entertain and make us feel good, but I admire a story where filmmakers don't feel the need to wrap everything up in a neat little bow before the credits. Some people live happily ever after, others sadly don't.

Should movies have happy endings?


  1. I don't think movies have to have happy endings, but a lot of people do go to the movies to escape reality.

  2. i agree not all movies need to have them but as an escape from reality its really difficult to not want a happy ending when you go to the movies


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