Personal sins shouldn't require press releases

In a press release Tiger Woods stated "personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn't have to mean public confessions."

This was in response to the overwhelming sentiment from the public and the media that he had to talk about the whole golf club to the back window - running into a fire hydrant -cheating accusation, incident.

I'd have to agree with Tiger on this. Personal/familial transgressions and problems shouldn't have to be talked about to feed the public's hunger for knowing everything about a celebrity or politician. A cheating spouse shouldn't be a public issue - it is between the married couple and their family- nor should it cause someone to lose endorsements (unless the endorser is something like a marriage counseling organization or something similar) or force them to step down from political office. Infidelity/adultery is a serious issue, but not something that should have to be made public when it doesn't affect the populace.

Now there is a line between what should be private and public for celebrities and public figures but I'm not sure where it lies. In the recent child molestation allegations surfacing about R & B singer Pleasure P, I feel like that is something that should be made public. I think the difference to me in this case is that child molestation is a crime, one of those crimes held at the highest of people's criminal hierarchy. I'm not sure if that is fair, but that's how I feel.

My public vs. private criteria:

Private: A politician cheats on his wife
Public: A politician cheats on his wife and writes off traveling expenses to his mistress as state spending

Private: A celeb has a car accident
Public: A celeb has a car accident and a dead body was found in their trunk after the accident

Yes, public figures put themselves in the public eye, but they are human like everybody else.

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  1. omg i have been saying this since the story came out.... what makes me even more upset its that people now say .. ooo now hes showing his black does that mean... really anyways ... loving the blogs.. great to read on my lunch break .. :)


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