Things I miss about living in the city

Intercity public transportation: The trains, subways, and buses that run in the city run all the time, on a pretty frequent schedule. Living in the suburbs I have to schedule my life around a train that comes about once an hour, and doesn't run after midnight. This means when I go out on the weekend I have to make sure there is someone willing to take me back home after a night of partying (which rarely happens) or that there is someone's house I can crash at for the night. I can't just get up and go as much as I would like to when it comes to going out. Getting my license would alleviate most of this problem though.

Chinese food and pizza: When I lived in the city, I could order pizza or Chinese food until about 3am. Last night, I wanted some Chinese at 12:12am, and NOTHING was open. Also, in the city there were lots of places that delivered to my area, here, I don't have very many choices when it comes to delivering food.

Neighbors: You would think this would be the opposite. Most assume that friendly neighbors would be in the suburbs, and rude neighbors would be in the city. In my case however, its the complete opposite. There was a kind of morale that floated through my neighborhood in the city, block parties, shared barbecue off the grill. In my suburban neighborhood people just seem to keep to themselves - unless they have a problem - in which case instead of knocking on the door to share their grievances,they go directly to the condo association.

Things I like about the suburbs: cleaner, somewhat safer (the neighbors to our rear had their house broken into not too long ago).

I do love my house though. If I could pick up this house and put it in the city, I probably would.


  1. Do you care where people comment your posts?

  2. I wish my neighbors were friendlier. Living in the burbs...kind of lonely at times.

  3. @ CC - I don't mind, either place is fine with me :-)

    @ II - yea, I thought it would be Tupperware parties and welcome cookies lol, not the case.

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