If you are late, I have no sympathy for you

I have been around a lot of performances in my lifetime. Whether I am performing, working, or seeing a show, there is one thing that burns my biscuits more than anything else...late people.

Now, there are some people who I will excuse. If I see you running with all of your might from down the block like your life depended on it, I know that you are sorry that you are late, then you may have my sympathy. Also, if you are 3o minutes late or less I'll also excuse that. Even someone who has planned their trip well in advance can come intro troubles that could make them a half hour late. Other than these two groups, lateness annoys me to no end.

If you are 1 hour late to a performance, and you are strolling down the street as if you are on time, or early, I have no sympathy for you. I've even had a person who showed up late and asked if they could have a discount since they had missed half of the show.... no sympathy from me.

Being late disrupts the performers, and the people seeing the performance.

The Show Must Go On --- with our without you there at curtain time.


  1. I don't like late people either, but I'm growing in my flexibility. My church is filled with people who run late (from the top down) so I've come to enjoy the extra fellowship time and not worry about it.

    I do have a problem with it at work still, though. I don't have a lot of sympathy for my clients who find out that they owe tax money due incredibly soon (or now, past due) as they waited so long to find it out...they could have known it sooner and not be so pressed.

  2. Lateness is a pet peeve of mine. It doesn't matter what the event is, whether is something important or casual, if you are late I will get annoyed.

    I do have a friend who is chronically late when we make plans, I do give her a little slack if she's coming to my house or meeting me somewhere as she depends on public transport and well, that's never dependable, but I do get annoyed when I make plans to go pick her up at her house and she's never ready.

  3. My philosophy is "better never than late", and I sometime transfer that onto other people, but I Do understand that things happen and sometimes you can't help but be late. But habitual latecomers and people who make alot of noise when they are late really annoy me!!

  4. That's right Nesh, the must go on. You know they say that people who are habitually late are very arrogant. Another reason to make them pay full price.

  5. @JH - I can see where the arrogance comes in. Cause it's like they don't care about anyone's time but their own.


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