Alan Wake: Game Review

Alan Wake, an XBOX 360 Game by Remedy Entertainment.

Premise: Your (Alan's) wife has been kidnapped and you are searching for her, attempting to solve a large scale mystery while shadow people and objects try to kill you. It is a Psychological Action Thriller, in which you are the main character.

Alan is an author and seems to have crafted the whole story. Throughout the game you find his manuscript pages which give you a glimpse into the past and future of the tale.

The shadow creatures must be broken down by light, from a flashlight, flash-bang grenade, flare, etc. After you weaken them with the light, you can shoot and kill them.

I give the game 5 Stars based on the following criteria :

Story: It really feels like you are in a horror film. The story is captivating, entertaining, and SCARY! The use of the scattered manuscript pages also enhance the story because you read bits and pieces of the tale that you encounter later on in game-play, which offers an eerie sense of dejavu.

Enemies: You have a wide array of enemies, which keeps you on your toes. The shadow drenched foes include people, farm equipment, and birds. The diversity of enemies keeps the game engaging. Just when you thought you've mastered how to kill the dark shadow people, a shadow tractor trailer will try to mow you down.

Weapons: The array of weapons also keep the game interesting. Different weapons require different strategy. Flashlights, shotguns, flash-bang grenades, flares, or the omniscient presence of street lights can all burn the shadowy goo of your enemies.

Graphics: I'd classify the graphics of the game with one word, awesome. The scenery and settings are beautiful, and as light is a very important part of the game, the use of shadow and lights are very realistic.

Scare Factor: I find myself screaming and ducking from my chair as I play the game. By the end of a boss fight my heart rate is up and I'm breathing hard. The game will scare you, which makes the game-play even more exciting.

5 Star Game. Pick it up today!

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