Dating advice for young women

I don't proclaim to be a relationship or dating expert at all, but I was asked on my formspring:

What's the best advice you can give a young black girl on dating?

Well, I think my advice can go for any young woman in the dating world, not just black women. I suggest:

Be yourself: Don't try to be what you think men or a specific man wants in a woman, be your own woman.

You don't NEED a man in your life to have a life: Too often young women feel incomplete without a boyfriend. That is a problem. It is unfair to yourself to feel like you are half a person because you don't have a man.

Put yourself out there: If you are really in the market for dating someone you've got to actually be out in places where you can meet new people. Too many women complain about not being able to find a mate, but they don't veer off the path between work and home.

Don't let friends influence you: Advice from friends is good, but the only person who really knows about your relationship is you and the person you are in a relationship with. Don't let your friends put their expectations on your relationships.

And this has been random dating tips provided by Nesheaholic :-)


  1. Tell them don't forget to smile and be friendly nobody wants a scowling woman.

  2. Love this Post! I think it's important to find a man that's going to fall in love with your mind first...and appreciates each and everything that makes you unique.

  3. oh neshe, i love it! good stuff.

  4. I like the interracial dating ads on here. HAHA.

    Good advice, though. Better than Cosmo.

  5. Yea, there are a bunch of interraticial dating site ads on your page right now. LOL

    I think the best advice is to put yourself out there. So many people just sit back and wait for a man to find them. Thinking it's gonna be like in the movies where he just notices you from across the way and starts pursuing you. Most people need you to show interest for them to feel confortable courting you.

    Great advice!

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