Love Could Conquer All

I believe Love could conquer all if everyone had and gave love.

I don't mean spousal love or the love between just two individuals. I mean a broad love of people, and the world.

A love that would make a person understand that every citizen in the United States deserves equal rights, regardless of whether or not they love the same or opposite sex.

A love for the world that would make a person choose the earth in a battle between green energy and green dollar bills.

A love that would make a person believe every life is precious, whether just conceived, or on death row.

Real love. Unconditional love.

This is a fantasy that is likely to never come true, but if everyone had and gave love, Love could conquer it all in the end.


  1. I loved this! I agree with you about love conquering all. Imagine how much less anger and hurt there would be in the world.

  2. Love can also be extremely destructive where do you think keyed cars flattened tires and the stalking of new girlfriends. War is waged for the claim of loving your country. The tolerance of individuality would better serve this world. I said all that to say "Love stinks yeah yeah" (my Adam Sandler voice) Lol


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