Top 3 Spies of 2010

Michael Weston - Burn Notice

A current USA show set in Miami, Burn Notice showcases Michael Weston's uncanny ability to disguise himself as pretty much anyone, and escape even the most dangerous of situations through wit and little bit of brute force.

Jack Bauer - 24

Everyone's favorite action hero, Jack Bauer. Although he is usually tracking down terrorists as himself, he has undercover spy abilities, as well as the ability to break a bad guy's face....with his feet.

The Leverage Team

A current show on TNT, I've never seen this team fail at a con. This group of professional thieves robs from the rich, and gives to the poor. They trick their target into doing what they want through an elaborate system of costumes, sets, fake identities, and technological prowess.

Who am I missing as a Top Spy of 2010?

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