We just don't think

I've found more people's motive for wearing a seat belt is because of the motto "click it or ticket," rather than the fact that they could be propelled through a windshield if they were to have an accident. I've also found more people drive hybrids to save on gas than to contribute to a healthier environment and decrease the nation's dependence on oil. In Philadelphia recycling increased because households would be fined if the trash department could clearly see a recyclable item in with their regular rubbish.

It seems there always needs to be a monetary incentive for a person to do what is really best for the greater good or for their safety. Why is that?

My hypothesis is that something that taps our wallets is more concrete to us than having an accident and being thrown for your car, or completely ruining the environment. We don't think it will ever be us to have that kind of accident. We don't think our use of gas could be part of a dependency that causes gallons of oil to ruin the ecosystem. We don't think throwing all of our trash away together and not recycling could be contributing to huge landfills and negative affects on our environment, animals and water system. We just don't think.


  1. it's that better than thou kind of mentality.
    no one thinks they'd be that unlucky person that these accidents can happen to.
    i agree though, you get punished for not doing what's good for you.

  2. Sometimes, when i encounter people like that, i think they should just have to learn the hard way. Its unfortunate, really.

  3. No one wants their wallets touched though a serious accident would affect the wallet. It's hard for some people to be forward or others thinking enough to realize why things are good for their health. We're rebellious by nature.


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