Why am I upset?

Rapper Slim Thug wrote an article for Vibe online in which he put down Black women, saying that they can’t be trusted and generally are gold diggers and aren’t down for their man like white women are (his examples of “down” were cooking for him and doing what he tells them do to). This isn’t really about his post so much as it is about the various comments I’m seeing around the internet about reactions to his post.

A lot of people are saying things like “Why are Black women so upset? Why do you care about the opinion of a man who obviously doesn’t respect you and doesn’t want to be with you anyway? Why am I upset? Because I am a Black woman and while I try to pick and chose what I take offense with, when someone of semi-famous stature blasts a group that I am representative of, it is going to get under my skin, at least a small bit.

I feel like his comments are offensive and stereotypical of both Black and white women, painting them as ignorantly subservient. Reinforcing these stereotypes do no one any good. So while I’m not saying everyone go outside and burn his CDs, as an advocate for people, I can’t help but be a little upset by his remarks.


  1. I'm find myself unsurprised by his remarks, most rappers don't have the highest standards of thinking when it comes to any woman in general. It's unfortunate given the fact that he is a black man who went forth and made the decision to reinforce a negative, hurtful image of black women as a whole, but again, not surprised. Disappointed? Of course.

    This post reminds me of when I came across a youtube video of one of my use-to-be favorite indie rappers, Murs, saying some pretty superficial, hurtful things about black women. Being that he's an underground hip hop artist, and his albums are generally 'deep' in concerns to love, it was utterly appalling to see he lacked the depth he comes across as having in his albums. I'm still contemplating whether or not I want to delete his music. I can never look at him the same .

  2. Well, first off...rappers don't tend to have decent respect for women in general judging by the content of their songs.

    Although, Snoop Dogg I can vouch for, loooooves his wife like no other. haha.

    But yeah geez. That kind of ignorance in print. yuck.

  3. I chose not to read that article because I knew I'd roll my eyes in irritation. Generalizations are a funny thing because a lot of times it only show how little the person generalizing knows. My guess is he doesn't know a whole lot and instead of truly finding out what black women are like he choose to make a blanket statement. One bad experience should never dictate how you view everyone

    I am not a gold digger and it should not be expected of me to 'do' whatever my man says. I don't think many (smart) women will tolerate that no matter what color her skin happens to be.

    Personally, if this is his attitude, I don't want him. Peace out, son! I have better things to do than worry about what you think. Psh. It always ends up being HIS loss for being how he is.

  4. Its really unfortunate that people actually support ignorance. This dude is probably dumb as a box of rocks. How can you respect the views of an individual like that.

    I think that his view on black women says more about him than anything else.


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