The Beyonce Body

When many women look at this picture they think “Man, I want a Beyonce body,” and feel inferior that that isn’t their body.

Women, why do we do this to ourselves! We let television, movies and music videos give us very unrealistic expectations of our bodies. Because we see the headline " {insert star name} has lost 50 pounds in one month to prepare for her latest movie" we feel bad that we couldn't lose those 3 pounds before the company picnic that we had hoped to lose. Sure, we could all lose 50 pounds in a month if we had the money to higher dietitians, chefs to cook us healthy food, and personal trainers. For the average person, to have that much money we'd have to work an awful lot, and of course, if we're working that much, we don't have the time to personal train because we've spent all our day working to pay for the trainer, dietitian, and chef.

It is hard for the average person to lose weight. The economy isn’t at its best, so the regular middle class to low class person has to work, a lot, to even provide for themselves and their families. Working 10 hours a day doesn't leave much time or energy to exercise. Being out of the home for 10 hours, or 12 if you count travel time, doesn't really allow the best choice in food. You have to settle for whatever is available at the corner deli when you only have a 20 minute lunch break.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not making excuses, or discouraging dieting and exercise, we should most certainly do all we can to take care of our bodies. I just want to discourage the average woman's desire to look like Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez at the drop of a hat, and that dreaded depressing feeling we get when it isn't happening fast enough. Regular people can't have "The Beyonce Body" in a month’s time. Go for a better “{insert your name here} Body” instead :-)


  1. I think it is important to remember that most celebrities *have* to lose the weight as it's their job. Thankful, most of us don't have that requirement.

  2. Love this! As someone who is currently struggling w/ weight issues, this one hit close to home. Especially because Bey is my thinspiration, haha.

    No seriously though, I think it's true that we tend to forget that losing weight is more of a war than battle. It's long-term if you want healthy, lasting results. All of these quick fixes only serve to make you less healthy. Which should be the focus because it's better to be healthy (which doesn't always = skinny) afterall.

    Also, celebs have trainers, chefs, & nutritionists at their beck & call. Most average people are lucky enough to be able to afford a gym membership in this economy. Again, great post.

  3. @Ronnica - Very True.
    @Jeanette - I'm glad you liked the post! :-) It should definitely be about being HEALTHY over all, not one particular shape.

    Thank you both for the comments.

  4. boy...what i would give to have her body. lol. jk. i actually think beyonce is an okay person to look to for motivation to workout or something. she has curves and i'd rather her be the one that people want to look like than these skinnier stick people that some people starve to look like. truth is, B is "thicker" as my guy friends would say than the average model-figure. lol. you long as we don't obsess over her and get cosmetic surgery or crazy stuff like that.

  5. OK, yea. I'm shallow. I could totally dig looking like that. Sigh.


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