Discipline Your Mouth

Discipline your mouth so that it does not betray your heart.

The power or words is incredible. When you speak something, you bring it into existence and put it into the universe for others to hear, dissect and take in. Words can help you and be affirmations in your life or they can bring you down.

I find this specifically important to a person who is trying to lose weight or quit smoking. Saying "I need a cigarette" brings forth that thought to manifest in the air and come to fruition.

The same can be said about how we speak of other people. Perhaps we are fond of someone but find ourselves talking them down when in the company of bad mouthers. Don't let the company of bad people make you speak about someone in way that doesn't reflect your heart. Now, if you just have a bad heart that is a whole other blog post. :-)

Try to always keep in mind that what you speak out of your mouth is a direct reflection to other people of your heart's intent. Try to only speak that which correlates with the person you are, or more importantly, the person you wish to be.


  1. Thats why I like to be sarcastic most of the time. Then people have to figure out when I am being serious.

  2. Some folks speak positive from their mouths, however, they are still wicked at heart. You can curse someone not even using profane words. If what people say is a direct reflection of the hearts intent to other people, then its left up to the individual to determine the worth of ones words. So much word play these days who can you trust besides yourself? Think about it!

  3. great post here. And yes Ras that first line was sooooo true!


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