YouTube Tuesday: Watermelon to the face

It is YouTube Tuesday! This week's video is ...crazy, that is the best way I can put it. It's a scene from the Amazing Race where a competition goes very wrong for one of the contestants and they get smacked, hard core, in the face with a WATERMELON.

I'd also like to point out that after a watermelon headshot like this, I'd dare my partner to tell me I had to keep going, is she nuts?!


  1. Oh My! I've seen this video and it's just absolutely painful to watch...I would have had to take a leave of absence after taking a Mellon to the face lol.

  2. Yea. I've seen this video too.
    It hurts just watching it.

  3. @Claire - yea, I would not be interested in playing the game any more lol

    @dutch84- it definitely leaves my mouth gaping open every time lol


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