Elementary my Dear Watson! (review of Sherlock, Season 1, BBC)

I must say, BBC is certainly keeping me entertained and engaged with their series. First I was blown away by the first season of Luther, starring the lovely and talented Idris Alba, then I was hit again with season one of Sherlock. BBC does big things in a small amount of time. Luther had only 6 episodes in it’s first season, and Sherlock had only three (at 90 minutes each).

The star, Benedict Cumberbatch, depicts Sherlock Holmes in a way I’ve never seen before. My immediate comparison was to Robert Downey Jr.’s recent Sherlock Holme’s performance. It took me a little while to get use to how snarky Cumberbatch was in the character. I’m use to a Sherlock Holmes that is unintentionally off-putting, where as BBC’s Sherlock is very forward in embarrassing and belittling people with his gift. He has the usual smarts of Sherlock Holmes, and is also a “smart Alec.”

Even with the new approach to the character there is still the classic violin playing, the villainous Moriarty and the quirky detective skills. I did enjoy the modernity in the use of technology in the series. iPhones are a big part of the plot, and you won’t catch an episode without multiple text message conversations. Dr. Watson is also a blogger.

The series also plays around with homosexuality a bit. After watching the whole season, at times I thought Sherlock Holmes was gay, or Watson was gay, or both.

I definitely give the first season of Sherlock 5 stars. I’m anticipating the next one.

P.S. - I am just a little sad that in both the recent Sherlock Holmes movie and in Sherlock the phrase “elementary my dear Watson!” is never said. :-\


  1. i was surprised too in the movie when it didn't make an appearance (the phrase). But I was too busy drooling over my man RDJ to care one bit ;)

    I want to see the series now!

  2. @socialitedreams - the series is SO good! I'm sure it will come to BBC America soon over here. I downloaded the BBC version.

  3. The phrase was never actually said in the originals, films or books.
    It's kid of urban myth, like 'beam me up, Scotty' or 'play it again Sam'.

  4. @SelahBeth - someone else mentioned that to me, had no idea!

  5. I still want to here it, though. Since everyone says it.
    I have to check out this show.


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