Let go of the clocks

This morning I slept until about 10am because my cell phone was dead so I couldn't look at that time. As a result, I slept until I felt well rested. Normally, even on the weekends I'll force myself to get up around 9am, checking the time sporadically through the early morning. Seeing time go by I'm always thinking "I'm burning daylight" so I force myself out of bed, at times still sleepy.

But why? Why force myself to get up when I am still sleepy if I don't have to?

Time is a dictator in our lives. We're so caught up in biological clocks, career clocks, education clocks, etc. that sometimes we ignore what we really want or need as a result of conforming to these timetables.

In some instances we've got to let the clocks go. Don't let some societal standard of the right time, or the right amount of time dictate how you live your life. If you need more time for something, take it, and if you are ready ahead of society's schedule, do what you know you can do.

Happy Saturday :-D


  1. I don't know... I really feel like I am wasting my day if I don't wake up by 7AM, even if I sit around all day doing nothing in particular. Usually I am up at 6AM, but I have to be awake by 7 to give everyone their meds, and then I usually can't fall back asleep anyway.

    My weekends go really fast so I try to enjoy them, but I can't help looking at the clock anyway.

  2. I'm kind of obsessed with checking the clock. It's kind of pathetic really, especially when I'm with someone trying to enjoy myself but every few minutes I'm whipping out my cell phone to see the time.

  3. @Bee - I think if ur programmed to wake up at that time and you feel rested that is one thing. But if you force yourself to wake up early and find urself sluggish all day, it's almost counter productive.

    @Silverneurotic - yea, worrying on time can be hindering in just trying to enjoy something. I definitely have problems with that too.

  4. What good thoughts. It's hard not to watch the clock since society basically runs on being on time, but I need to do better about managing my time for sure.

  5. I sleep like a baby. If time is the fire in which we burn, it's a fate I'd rather face lying down.

  6. @Natasha - it's definitely hard! So much of society is based on time.

    @nikbv- lol


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