Black Friday Extravaganza

So, I will start with Thanksgiving first: It was awesome. Started the day in the way I prefer to start it every year, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while hubby made breakfast. Towards the end of the parade I cleaned up and got ready for food making. My food came out great (see picture below). It was my first time making Thanksgiving dinner. On the menu: crescent rolls, turkey, collard greens, baked macaroni and cheese, stuffing, and roasted sweet potatoes.

After dinner the husband and I played a rousing game of Phase 10 (which I lost) then partook in some World of Warcraft for a couple hours. And then it was time...

I took a shower around 11:30 to prepare for our Black Friday Extravaganza. I know some of you followed my #blackfridaycampout tweets on my twitter. We waited in line at Target from about 12:15am (when we got there there was already a line) until 4am. The wait really wasn’t that bad, time passed quickly, it was only a *little* cold, and the freezing rain didn’t start until about 15 minutes before we went it in.

(don't I look excited? look at my eyes lol)

Our Black Friday shopping went almost seamlessly. We had a map, so we knew the plan. Go in, down the escalator, he’d swing left to pick up an electronic drum set for his nephew, I’d swing right to get the Disney Princess Play Kitchen for my niece, and we’d meet around at electronics to get an Xbox 360 Controller. We were in and out of the store before the last people in line even made it in!

Then after Target we swung over to Bed Bath & Beyond (who had no line, I kind of felt bad for them lol) and I got a Kurieg for like $65.

Then, we went home and went to bed lol. A successful 2010 Thanksgiving and Black Friday it was. Purchases pictured below:

(Disney Princess Talking Play Kitchen)

(Electronic drum set)

(The Keurig)


  1. I saw your pictures! You looked cute all bundled up. There wasn't anything I wanted badly enough to sit out in the cold for, but I've never really ever had any kind of dedication to black Friday

  2. @ccarothers - yea, I figured I'd have to have the experience at least one year of camping out. I do think for next year though I'll make a business of selling coffee and hot chocolate out in the lines lol

  3. There was no dolls I wanted so I stayed home! But, that photo of you was funny!

  4. @EbonyNicole30 - I haven't gotten any dolls in a while, but I thought about getting the set of all the Disney Princesses to date.

  5. congrats on your successful dinner!

  6. ahaha. love that pic of you :]

  7. Your dinner looked amazing! Glad to see you survived the Black Friday craziness- even being the bargain nut that I am I can not bring myself to do it!



  8. WOW you are a real trooper for black friday!!! I can not see myself getting up that early nor camping out to get the items I am interested in.


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