The Diet Conversation

Oh my gosh I’m so hungry, but I’m over my allotted calories for this meal. :-\

I am stressed out by being hungry.

Is having a snack healthier than being stressed out by not having a snack?

Am I going to regret eating these toffee covered peanuts?

But eating the toffee covered peanuts will make me HAPPY!
It’s hard to eat a lean cuisine on a day like today...

My most common lunch at work is a lean cuisine, because of the mix of low calories and convenience. (My plan is to keep my calorie count down this month, so I don’t feel as bad next month when I’m on my cruise eating 24-7 lol. )

But there is something about a rough day, a long day, a tough day, a tiring day, etc. that makes salad or a lean cuisine the last thing you’d want to eat! Actually, even a really happy or exciting day makes you want something more exciting as a meal. Food is funny that way, it affects our mood, and our mood effects what we want to eat.


  1. it's hard to say. i eat more when i'm happy. lol.

  2. @Thu - yea, when you're happy you want to eat good stuff! lol

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  4. I heard almonds are the best to snack on when you're also on diet. The fiber in it keeps you full, and keeps you from eating anything else for a long time during the day. Body weight....Down! Although I can see, those nuts are tempting (In a non-dirty

    Lovely blog btw...give mine a click when you get a chance =).

  5. @Marjie - hmmm, I must try almonds! I do like them. That is my problem, finding filling snacks. -- going to check out your blog now!

  6. I definitely know what you're talking about.

  7. LOL! I do the Lean Cuisine thing too.. my problem is that it doesn't tie me over all afternoon, so my latest obsession is Pop Chips- they're 100 cals per bag and loaded with flavor! You should check them out!

  8. @Casey - yea, they definitely don't keep you full very long! lol I've got to try pop chips.


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