My official review: Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls"

This weekend I saw the film version of “For Colored Girls.” Most of you read my letter to Tyler Perry so you know where I stood before seeing the film.

I guess my blanket caveat is people who are not familiar with the play will probably love “For Colored Girls.” People who generally like Tyler Perry movies will probably love “For Colored Girls.”

You all should know that I don’t really fall into any of those categories :-\ I don’t consider myself elitist or anything since I was familiar with the play first, and wouldn’t call myself a big Tyler Perry fan, but I definitely think those two things inform my feeling on the movie. None of the parts I didn’t like about the movie had anything to do with the original play.

Let me give props first. The beginning sequence was beautiful. There was also a lot of beautifully cinematographed moments. The acting was also on par for the most part. I think Tyler Perry did do a good job of finding ways to connect the characters, since they aren’t directly connected in the play/poem.

O.k. now what I didn’t like. There is already SO much going on in the play, that the issues that were didn't seem to serve a purpose. The issue of being “down low” wasn’t touched in the play, and didn’t really need to be in the movie as such a huge plot point, in my opinion.

Speaking of which, there was definitely too much MEN in the movie. Now, granted, these were some FINE men, but the play has no male characters and the re-telling of the women's interactions with men without them being present just seems stronger to me.

I didn't like Whoopi's character or her portrayal at all, although I generally like Whoopi Goldberg as an actress. She didn't seem to serve the theme of womanhood or sisterhood AT ALL. I really don't know why she was there.

There are some really key lines in the play that seemed to be glossed over, or overpowered by seemingly bad direction. “I found God in myself, and I loved her fiercely” is probably THE line of the play, and it really had no emphasis in the movie.

I feel like people leave the theater feeling like being a woman = pain, heartbreak and sadness, and that is NOT what the original play leaves you with. I performed in the play and felt JOY throughout it. Yes, the situations are HEAVY, but it is also about the strength and joy of being a woman, and emphasis on sisterhood. The movie was just kinda...sad.

My scoring is as follows:

Words from the original play: 5 stars
Words Tyler Perry originated with his screen play: 2 stars
Cinematography: 5 stars
Direction: 2 stars
Story Coherence: 4 stars
Acting: 4 stars

That gives an average of: 3.5 Stars as my overall rating


  1. That's a better review. I've been hearing so many bad things about the film I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I still definitely wanna see it for myself. Can't wait!

  2. I like this review. I didnt like the movie though. :( Just wasnt a fan. I really do want to see the play, i wanted to see it before i saw the movie.

  3. @AC - Yea, I'd still say see it for yourself. Everyone sees different things in movies.

    @Terri - Yea, I didn't really either. It was totally upheld by the words from the original play. You should get the book/play to read.

  4. Do you think Tyler focused so much on being "down low", because HE is "down low"? hmm...
    I haven't seen the movie yet. I want to, but not urgently. I still haven't seen "Why did I get married too" and "Inception".

  5. I disagree. Yes, everyone takes away their own feelings from any movie. Remember this was "adaptation" of the play/book from Tyler's view. I found the movie very moving, deep and refreshing. I think the acting was amazing! The choice of what actors to play each part was very good. Not knowing what to expect I was thinking this was a sad movie in the beginning. However, as the movie move on no it wasn't the end was wonderful, vindicating, and full of redemption and promise. I want to read the book and would have loved to see the play, but I am glad I didn't so that I could be objective of Tyler’s "adaptation".

  6. @FutureDoctor - Out of the three, I would say see "Inception" first! It was great.

    @Tgspearman - Yea, there was no way for me to go into it objectively, having performed in the play before I had a connection to the original that I just couldn't break. I see it the same other books turned into movies, people who have read the book will generally critique based on that.

    It was moving, and it was deep, and the acting was on point, but the play even takes it to a whole other level. He did do a good job, I didn't hate it at all.


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