When Facebook Can Be Detrimental

When not in the correct frame of mind, Facebook has the ability to easily depress someone. If you aren’t feeling solid about life probably the worst thing you can do is browse Facebook. The thing about Facebook and other social network sites is that it is generally a snapshot of everything that is a great about someone else’s life. The photo uploads and status updates are the creme de la creme of your friends comings and goings. Comparing yourself to others has never been so easy as it is in this age of social networks lol.

While you can’t find a date, it seems like everyone is announcing new relationships statuses, weddings, and posting baby pictures... You have non-stop unfruitful auditions, while everyone else is posting production photos... Money is tight for you, while others are foursquaring from every retail store downtown....you get the picture.

I think any normal person can find themselves feeling inadequate when down on their luck, and feeling like everyone else is up on theirs. So what to do when you get that feeling?

Be Happy
Unless you’re into social networks for the number of “friends” and followers you can acquire the people who are doing well are your friends, people who you know. Be happy for them, congratulate them. Let their success fuel your fire to work harder to get what you want.

Count YOUR blessings
It always SEEMS like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but I guarantee if you stop and think of all your blessings, you’ll find that you have plenty that others could envy. It’s always easier to remember all the bad than it is to remember all the good. Take a second, and calibrate yourself to recall how good things really are for you.

Keep things in perspective
Keep in mind that people put their best feet forward on social profile sites. I’m not saying everyone is lying or making up great things about their lives, but keep in mind that you are only seeing the good side of their life, not the whole picture. They could be looking at your profile thinking you’ve got things better than them. Keep things in perspective.


  1. i think...the worst is posting stuff and not realizing that everyone on your facebook knows things about you. and when it comes up in conversation, some people don't realize just what kind of stuff they're actually sharing on there, out of habit.

  2. I think most people only post the good stuff that's going on. They post photos of them and their new boo, but don't post anything about how their boo stays out all night and doesn't call or goes to the club and flirts with other people. So, counting your own blessings is a really good tip, because you never know the whole story on another person's life. Besides, they may be looking at you and thinking YOU got it going on!

  3. @Future Doctor - my thoughts exactly!

  4. this spoke to me. Thank you.

  5. @knit-a-purl - glad it could mean something to you.

  6. hey its lou from guinnandbareit ! Thanks for linking up! You know what i like this post, facebook so does that, ill look a picture and go shit...i wish i was like that, or man i wish i could afford that. Im glad you just reminded me that i should be thankful for what I have! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Husband was being annoying so I didn't get to read the whole thing. Hey, at least I am honest. But I wanted to leave a comment before I closed the window. LOL.

    It's very true. I just say that people on FB are jerks, and I just avoid it like the plague when I am in a turdy mood.

    ... Husband.


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