Christmas and Commercialization

I was asked on formspring: Do you believe Christmas is too commercialized these days?

My answer is yes, it’s as commercialized as anything else in this world. The key is, we as consumers are responsible for remembering the true meaning of Christmas, and not be overcome by a spending frenzy. We as consumers need to remember the birth of Christ, the spirits of giving and thankfulness, and embracing family and friends during this season. Honestly, it isn’t Target’s job to remind you what the season really is all about, their job is to provide you with products should you see fit for presents and decorations to fit into the way you celebrate the holidays.

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  1. I definitely enjoy giving rather than receiving, though these past few years I've found myself going into a frenzy trying to shop for everyone and getting entirely too stressed out by the money I was spending.

    This year? I decided that the only people getting gifts were my immediate family and my best friend...and everyone (for the most part) got smallish, fairly inexpensive gifts.

  2. @SilverNeurotic - I pride myself in getting nice gifts for people, I think the only person I go all out for is my 3 year old niece. But I definitely look forward to just being with family than getting gifts. Presents are part of things, but it shouldn't be the main focus.

  3. I love giving gifts. My parents told me not to get anyone gifts this year because I'm a broke college student. I still think I'm gonna do something for my sister and send some cards to other family. I feel bad not being able to get gifts for family.
    I like getting stuff too. Especially since all I asked for this year was stuff I really need.

  4. @SelahBeth- gift giving is definitely part of things, but sometimes homemade, or cheap gifts that really show you know a person are the best gifts to give or get.

  5. Christmas is commercialized, but you can still find places where the true meaning of Christmas is still celebrated. Just remember to go to church on Christmas and find your own special way of celebrating the true meaning of the season.


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