On Behalf of Planned Parenthood

Some of you probably seen me going off a little bit on my twitter so I figured I’d stop the 140 character bursts and write a blog post about my feelings about Planned Parenthood.

Today the House approved an amendment to a massive spending bill that would prohibit federal funding for Planned Parenthood. The basis of this is that they feel that Planned Parenthood is an “abortion provider.”

I need to explain something to people who might not understand. Planned Parenthood provides BASIC gynecological care to low income and no income women. When I did not have insurance I went to Planned Parenthood for my yearly check-ups and exams. PLANNED PARENTHOOD DOES SO MUCH MORE THAN WRITE PRESCRIPTIONS FOR ABORTION.

They help with family planning, and provide women who don’t have insurance with a place to keep themselves reproductively healthy. They also serve pregnant women.

I can understand a person who is against abortion not wanting their tax dollars to go to abortions. In that case, don’t allow funding to go towards the division of the organisation that provides abortions, but for the love of Pete understand that they do SO MUCH MORE for so many women. Vilifying an entire organization without understanding how much good they do for the people that the U.S. system has left behind is ignorant.

Note: This is NOT a “pro-abortion” post, this is a “Pro-Planned Parenthood” post.


  1. Yeah I know a few people who used planned parenthood's services--and not just for abortions. wow the gov't claims they want to help everybody get the care they need--but only seems like they're screwing everybody over!

  2. It was my understanding that not only does Planned Parenthood provide abortion services, but also provide counseling, pregnancy PREVENTION for low income families, and more. The govn't is just looking for ways to save money but they're not doing that great of a job. I can think of a million other government funded organizations and services that can be did away with other than Planned Parenthood.

  3. If people don't understand something, or are misinformed they want it gone so they don't have to deal with it. It's so sad that our country is like that.

  4. i am so with you, some people are so naive about what planned parenthood really does. I volunteered for a sexual assault program and i cannot tell you the wonderful things that planned parenthood has done for victims. Many people cant afford the basic advice and checkups that others can. They are so helpful...naive people. I really appreciate this post!

  5. As you probably know, I'm against abortions. However, I'm not necessarily against Planned Parenthood, though I'd prefer federal dollars did not go to any part of the organization if they are even going to counsel women to get abortions.

    That said, other organizations need to step up and offer healthcare services and counseling to low-income women. I just don't see the benefit of creating a void that would be created by cutting Planned Parenthood altogether.

  6. @Ronnica - SO SO TRUE. My concern is what will we do with all the women who depend on Planned Parenthood, not for abortions, but for basic reproductive health care. If there was a plan in place for another organization to pick up that slack, I'd be fine with that.

  7. Hopefully, the health care bill provides for gynecological care

  8. This is insane! In times like these, I'm really happy that I live in Canada. Some people have such a narrow view on Planned Parenthood, I guess the sight of the word "abortion" quickly turned them away. It's sad. As previous comments suggest, hopefully there will be other organizations who step up to the plate.


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