The Valentine's Day Experiences

Initially when I was thinking about Valentine's Day, I didn't really think I thought too much it, of the holiday, but as I started to think about past Valentine's Days I've had, I realized that me and cupid of sort of a sordid past.

These are in no particular order. The likelyhood of some of these past Valentine's reading this is kind of high, I wonder if they will be able to point themselves out lol:

-There were plenty of Valentine's Days where I didn't have a Valentine, and as I'm sure you know, those sucked in highschool. Everyone walked around with their flowers, and balloons and it made me sick lol.

-Most of the time my whole crew was solo on Valentine's Day. One Valentine's Day we decided we would watch a movie at my friend Brittany's house to celebrate. We watched some M. Knight Shyamalan movie, I can't remember which one, I *think* it was Signs. I recall us jumping at the ONE scary moment in the whole movie.

-There was the Valentine's Day where my Valentine gave me a dusty teddy bear, that came with chocolates, and the chocolates were spoiled. He had obviously pulled it off some shelf in his house from God knows how many Valentine's Days before that one.

-There was the Valentine's Day where my boyfriend at the time did not call me the whole day, and didn't answer my calls. When I talked to him the next day, he said he didn't have any money. I explained to him that even if he didn't have any money (which was fine, we were in highschool, who was ballin' back then? lol) he could have CALLED ME, HIS GIRLFRIEND to say Happy Valentine's Day.

-There was the Valentine's Day where I shared a Valentine with another girl who was obviously "battling" me over this particular boy we both liked. I'm not sure, but I think as we've gotten older he's come out as homosexual...which is totally fine, just makes that Valentine year even funnier.

They weren't ALL bad lol...

-There was a long distance Valentine's Day my first year of college where my Valentine mailed me the cutest little puppy dog stuffed animal, and I sent him a Valentine's Day collage of myself.

-There was the Valentine's day where I took my boyfriend who's now my husband to see Chris Rock live, which was an awesome time.

Somehow since being married Valentine's Day isn't as big of a deal to me. Our plans for this year are to stay home. He'll cook dinner (seafood alfredo and garlic bread FTW!) and I'll make desert (apple pie with crumb topping also FTW), we'll drink champagne, and chill playing video games and watching movies :-D


  1. Valentine's Day is certainly eventful!

  2. lol, cute stories! why do guys do that, the whole "i don't have money so i'm not calling" thing? my dad did that to me before, couldn't figure out the mentality


  3. @Socialitedreams - I don't understand that either. It's like the figure if they don't talk to you on the day, then it doesn't exist lol

  4. I can think of 3 memorable Valentine's Day. I gave a V-Day card to the guy I was dating (though, we weren't quite official). It was just a little card I made on the computer but he got a little upset because he didn't think to get me anything (and I was fine with that). Two V-Day ago my boyfriend at the time went ALL out. Roses, a dinner and a movie. Then last year The Ex made me homemade fudge and I made him cookies and sent them to each other (since we were living apart). This year once again I'm in a LDR and the subject hasn't come up and I'm definitely not expecting anything.

  5. I like this post!!! I remember feeling the same way in HS. Seemed like everyone had a Valentine, but me. I wonder if any of them bought cards & candy for themselves & just pretended like someone gave it to them. LOL

  6. I found your blog on 20-something bloggers :) I love this post and those little chocolate people are too adorable, you don't want to eat them haha.


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