YouTube Tuesday: Let Me Smang It

This week's YouTube Tuesday video is HILARIOUS! I'll let you watch it first before I give my commentary.

I've heard that this is a parody group (Turquoise Jeep, a la The Lonely Island, and I sure hope so, because this can NOT be a serious music video. The crazy thing is, they are right on point in making fun of every R&B/Hip Hop "Let me have sex with you girl" type of video.

Things I find most hilarious:

1. The lyrics in general
2. The "Smang It" Dance
3. Every other dance that the lead singer does
4. How SERIOUS the faces are of the lead singer and the woman in the Black dress while they are doing the "Smang It" Dance.
5. The rapper guy's dancing and lyrics...and fake mustache lol


  1. The lyrics WERE hilarious! "Gotta focus girl. You don't wanna get a cooch contusion." LMAO


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