YouTube Tuesday: Willow Smith: Too much diva, too early?

This week's YouTube Tuesday video features the "Whip My Hair" princess herself, Willow Smith. My initial reactions to the video were:

1. How is she in teen vogue and she is only 11 years old?
2. She is so darn cute!
3. Did she just use the phrase "When I was little...?" She IS little, she's 11 years old!
4. She has a LOT of diva going on.
5. She said three things she can't live without are 1. her phone, 2. her shoes, 3. 20 outfits :-\
6. She is so CUTE!

I don't think she acts "grown" but she seems to have just a tad bit more diva than I personally would like for an 11 year old. She has the diva level of like a 15 year old! lol. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as Will and Jada are keeping her grounded.

I've seen a lot of people say they feel like Will and Jada are "pimping" their kids out, and that they are growing up too fast. She doesn't seem to have a "grown" attitude, but her answer to the three things she can't live without were 100% materialistic - which could have to do with her lifestyle, or could just have to do with her being a kid. Who knows.

At the end of the day, if I had an 11 year old daughter, I wouldn't mind her listening/watching Willow Smith, as opposed to a lot of other artists out there.

What do YOU think? Is Willow Smith too diva, too fast?


  1. The girl is 11 with only 1 single that no even talks about anymore. In her BET interview she mentioned that she was going to be herself for Halloween and go up to people and ask if they like Willow Smith and then she was going to say "Hey, thats me!" ILK is all I can say. Im kinda over her and her career hasnt even really started. If this attitude continues I worry about her future.

  2. Lol she is too cute but I'm a little worried about her attitude. She may not be acting "grown", but with all that money and exposure, she may be grown enough to have better values than just material things.

  3. time will tell...i think she's adorable right now and the girl that i nanny for is 11 and into her nintendo ds, new shoes, and material stuff so it's not really that unheard of that World Peace isn't at the top of Willow's interest lists. hell, i don't even pay attention to that stuff and i'm 24, let alone at 11!


  4. I kinda think so, but she is so cute.

  5. Well she has attitude but I don't think she's a diva... diva is like having attitude to the extreme to me.

    Thinks she's just a bit more out there and willing to grow!

  6. I’m not a pop/mainstream music kind of girl but I have seen and heard the Whip my Hair video a couple times at the gym. I agree with you on Willow being a decent role model for younger girls in comparison to other pop stars out there. I personally find her style/attitude/interviews/video irritating and annoying and maybe it’s the ’diva’ factor. That and I can’t stand her personal style, but she is 11!

  7. I'm not worried about her at all. She's a kid whose having fun with the supervision of her parents. I was like that when I was a kid too. I'm sure she's going to make a few mistakes when she's a teenager, but that's part of growing up. The only reason anyone would hate on her is because they don't have what she has at such a young age. She's no different than any one of us. I like that she has confidence and style. I'm a fan. I hope I see her in more things.

  8. My 9 and 10 yeard old daughter's love her. The first time I heard the song was when they choreographed one of their many dance routines for me and dad. I like her, she is in an industry that demands a little attitude. If her parents weren't as grounded as they are then I would be a bit worried for her. I don't think Jada plays that mess. I'm sure Willow still has to do her chores and show some respect at the end of every day.

  9. I'm not worried about her, I think her parents are a grounded enough couple that she has good role models at home and for work in an industry like music or movies.
    I think if you ask most 11 year old kids what 3 things they can't live without you will find it tends to be materialistic.
    11 year olds say things like "when I was little" all the time. It sounds as weird to us in our 20s as it would to someone whose 40-50+ when we say that.


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