If you weren’t so fast, you wouldn’t be so slow.

“If you weren’t so fast, you wouldn’t be so slow”

I tweeted that yesterday morning, and realized it made perfect sense in my head, but probably is confusing to others. The best way I can explain it is with examples:

We all remember our parents calling young girls “fast.” With these girls pre-occupation with sex, makeup, boys, etc. at a young age made them slip up in scholastics and actual learning/planning for the future. Those girls where the ones behind, or slow, when it came to graduating from college and making plans for the future. Essentially, being “fast” in one area effectively slowed them down in greater development toward adulthood.

There is also the person pursuing something (a business proposition, a production, etc.) before they really have the means too. The means could be time, money, or just mental/emotional stability. Without the proper means, the result is being halted or regressed because of improper planning/resources. In the end, time is spent and wasted trying to regain footing that was lost by coming through the gates too fast.

The moral of the story is that rushing into things too quickly can put you in a two steps forward and three steps back situation. Take things at your own speed, not anyone else's. Be honest with yourself about the speed you can handle so that when you do take off, you won’t have to look back.


  1. I think I'd like some of my students read this.

  2. That's a sound theory, I think. Unfortunately, our society trains us to seek immediate gratification in all things. We're not planners. We're not careful consumers. We're in debt, stupid (comparatively), and our resumes suck (comparatively).

    This problem is so much more complex than simply slowing down. It'd take generations to iron out. Now, if only we could get started...

  3. @Automaton - SO SO TRUE. It's going to have to be a change in the way we think and the way we teach the younger generations before anything.

  4. Very true, yes we live in a society where everything is rushed, instant and we have been conditinoed to want things instantly that sometimes we have to slow down and take a look at the bigger picture.

  5. so true. I loved reading this.

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  7. too true! but then again if u keep it for later, its not much fun either!

    found u in Mingle Monday @ [Life of Meg]

    *new follower*

  8. uuhgg... this is so me! i need to get it together! lol


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