The less you have, the more you use

First let me say that the hubby and I are comfortably living in our new home. :-D

What I noticed when I was packing was that I have a LOT of stuff, so much stuff that there were literally things (clothes, shoes, jewelry, kitchen gadgets, etc) that I hadn't touched in the two years we lived in the last place. I started to think about the fact that if I had less stuff, i'd have more of a handle on what I had, and would actually use/wear those things more.

I think the same philosophy can be attributed to a few things. One is friendships, both "real" friendships and online relationships. The smaller your group of friends, the more you are able to keep up with and actually engage with them. This is probably why many people would rather have a small amount of really good friends rather than a myriad of acquaintances.

I guess the saying 'Less is More' really does make sense. In some cases, the less you have, the more you can appreciate and utilize what you have.


  1. hmm. All the clutter also relates to how easily you can let go of things.

  2. @Thu - TOTALLY true. I have a hard time throwing things away. Either they have sentimental value, or I feel like one day I may need that item that I haven't used in 5 years lol


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