When a Celebrity Can Do No Wrong

There are two celebrities that have stans (stan = overzealous maniacal fan) that I think we all can agree are ULTRA annoying - that would be Justin Beiber and Queen B herself, Beyonce. I can't say I'm a Justin Beiber fan, but I do like Beyonce, however no where near on the level of some of the people I come across online. To them, Beyonce or Beiber can do no wrong. Everything they spit is hot fire and you better dare not say otherwise. They'll reach through your computer screen and e-slap you lol.

I don't understand it. I don't understand this type of worship of a celebrity. Well, at least, I didn't think I understood it, but then someone compared Beyonce/Bieber to Michael Jackson...... I found myself slip into stan-dom. I found myself thinking "WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?! NO ONE WILL EVER BE LIKE THE KING OF POP! HE'S THE BEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO ENTERTAINMENT. YOU'RE CRAZY!"

At that point I realized, I was a Michael Jackson stan. I mean, I LOVE me some Michael. I don't think anyone else can/will ever compare. I mean, I have answers for every possible criticism of the man -he bleached his skin because of vitiligo and not wanting to look like his father - he'd never touch a child because he didn't have a sexuality and saw them as friends from the childhood he'd never know, the list goes on...

To each his or her own. While we may not be able to understand the Beiber or Beyonce stans of the world I think we all have that one person, place or thing that we stan for, that other people will never quite understand either.


  1. I would have to say that I am also a MJ stan, as well as a Lenny Kravitz stan. Don't mess with my boys! ;)

  2. I really can't say I stan for anyone, I stan for good music or a good movie! I don't talk to Beiber stan but, Beyonce's stans or fans are the worst group of people in the world; beside you!


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