A Smart Liberal's Opinion on President Obama

That smart liberal would be my husband :-). (note: he curses, which you usually don't see here lol) This post is courtesy of him, spawned by my question "How do you feel about President Obama right now?"

He tries to make sandcastles out of shit and does ok, yet most people can't see that,
because that takes effort.

I asked: Do you think he should have just held off then used the 14th amendment?

No, because he would have sealed his fate in the upcoming election.

Then I said:
I think for his personal campaign for himself, he's pretty much got both sides not liking him, Democracts feel he's a push over and Republicans are just Republicans.

Yeah, people wanna see the world burn, if he would have used the 14th, the US would be screwed, it really wasn't ever a option to be honest. People aren't realizing how much a president can do, that's the problem. He only has so much power, blame these radical teapartiers, they put most of the morons in the house there. You want a better deal on the debt issue? Tough, you voted for gridlock back in 2010.

He wants to raise taxes on the wealthy, he wants to do a bunch of stuff, but he's saddled by maniacs and pro politicians in the house. Liberals need to fall back and read a civics book, then go out and vote the teabaggers out in 2012.

President Obama is in reelect mode, we all see that. This debt ceiling thing was all fabricated,
he even said so. Most of the libs thinking he should have 14th'ed it stop there, they don't think about what that would do to our already fucked up economy. They think he end arounds the process, then it's all good. No, he authorizes the treasury to pay interest first, which is a HUGE amount. There wouldn't be any government services, ssi, medicare, all that would stop until a deal was made, and we all know who gets blamed for shit like that in election cycles, the President. "Obama took my SSI check away."

He's not stupid, he had to make this deal regardless. He's going to win the election, this is exactly what President Clinton did to win after his first term, he had to make his way to the center, and look saner than his rival, which he does now.

You think any of this shit is gonna matter even a month from now, let alone next year? All that's gonna matter is how good or bad the economy looks - then, not even now. Things are messed up now, but if it's on a upswing, he'll win by a landslide again, if not, it'll be a fight, but most likely he'll still probably win. I mean, President Bush. Enough said.

Politics are the worst, you asked how I feel about President Obama, I feels he's being the president, others are let down because he doesn't walk on water.

..... I think I married a smart man, don't you? :-D


  1. hehe. It's good to have someone you can discuss topics like that with :]

  2. Yes you sure did marry a smart man! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. @Classy Career Girl - Yes, I think I caught a good one lol. Hope your weekend went well!


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