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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

YouTube Tuesday: "Cry Baby" Cee Lo Green

This week's YouTube Tuesday is a light one. I figured I'd give you all a break from the heavy posts I've been posting lately. This is Cee Lo Green's "Cry Baby" video. I love that it stars Jaleel White (Steve Urkel), and I love that it is just a nice, feel good, video.

Happy Tuesday.



  1. Love Steve Urkel...and Cee Lo is too creative for himself sometimes!

  2. Love the idea of YouTube tuesday!:). Hope you are having a great week!

  3. Love it....amazing

  4.! Just stopping by for Mingle Monday!


  5. Such a great song for You Tube Tuesday!

  6. I really enjoyed that video. Thanks for sharing LaNeshe

  7. I agree the video is very cute, I love the outfits. I still :heart: Steve Urkel even though he went throught that ego trip in the late 90's.

    One thing, even though it's meant to be light, is that now a days, guys have a tendancy to do this. String girls along. Lead them to believe a relationship is going somewhere, mean while, they are dating 4 other girls and cut them loose when things seem serious.

    My sister is engaged and I feel she is lucky to find that special one so young because I don't know if the dating world is getting worse or guys become less likely to be serious as we get older. (Although, I know there are serious ones they just seem hard to find...)

  8. @Kiera - I think there is a tendency now a days for both men and women to string mates along with no intention of serious commitment. There seems to be a lack of actually wanting a commitment anymore. It is certainly a blessing to find someone to have a relationship with that wants the same out of the relationship as you do.


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