ABCs of Fall: G is for Ghouls and Goblins

To me, you can't have fall without it's two staple holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. And you can't have Halloween without SCARY things. I enjoy being scared. While I'm not one to go on too many roller-coasters that will throw me upside down, I'll take a good haunted house any day.

My schedule has become super busy, but at some point before the Halloween season is over I have to make a return trip to "Terror Behind the Walls" at Eastern State Penitentiary. The first time I went was my freshman year of college, and it easily made it on the top three haunted houses I've ever experienced. One of the rules is no running, but at one point during the tour I recall myself running full speed down a prison corridor. I couldn't help myself lol.

I'm also keeping my ghoul and goblin quotient up with my fall TV line-up. Currently I'm watching American Horror Story on FX, which is so creepy I literally had nightmares from the second episode. I'm also waiting for the return of The Walking Dead on AMC.

Do you like scary movies, tv, haunted houses, etc. during Halloween time? What are you doing to fill your ghoul and goblin quota? 

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  1. I don't like scary movies that actually scare me. LOL I too can't wait for the Walking Dead:) Good show!

  2. I'm watching Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, The Adamms Family, and possiblly some other Halloween-related not-so-scary-as-all-that movies. I will effectively freak myself completely out, though by watching the DH episodes with the Weeping Angels, because they are possibly one of the most scary creatures, seriously that pic freak me :P (as well as The Silence in series 6). I also have to go to a haunted house.

  3. @MerelyMarie - hee, hee, I love to be scared. I fell asleep on the Walking Dead premiere so I'll have to watch it again some time this week lol.

    @Selah Beth - I LOVE Doctor Who! I agree, the Weeping Angels are definitely creepy, as are The Silence lol

  4. my favorite scary movie is the shining. it randomly came on amc a couple nights back. & yes, ahs is ridic creepy. the first five minutes of the last episode messed me up. someone really could knock on your door & ask for help. that's what's so scary about it. love that show.

    i hate the weather changing, but halloween approaching (which is my favorite holiday) & amc's fearfest makes it all worthwhile.


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