Big Picture Thinking

"Think about the bigger picture." - Don't you have when people say that? But really, it's true. Thinking about the bigger picture can ease some anxieties and frustrations. This happens in two ways. When you are in the midst of a hard trial or process, thinking about the bigger picture can keep in perspective for you what all your hard work is for and will result in.

There is also the issue of having personal trials, and then thinking about the bigger picture, as in the things other people around you have to deal with. You may have to work late every night for two weeks, and you feel exhausted, but you can be consoled in the fact that you are safe, and happy and have a loving family in your home when you get there, and not everyone has that.

The thought that there is someone else who has things way harder than yourself should motivate you to be grateful, even in times of exhaustion, frustration, etc. It's not a means of belittling problems, but rather, keeping our eye on all the other things in our life that we are happy with and are thankful for.

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