Why do I tweet?

When that random earthquake hit the east coast this summer I was in a staff meeting. The first thing we all did after realizing what happened was take out our smart phone to tweet and facebook the experience. The first thing many people do when something exciting, scary, surprising ,fun, etc. happens, is tweet. Why is that? I don't think this is a trend anyone could foresee back in 2004 before Facebook hit. 

Why do I tweet? I don't know, but I love it lol. Some of the reasons I've come up with are:

I'm random. Twitter exhibits the randomness of my mind as one second I'll be tweeting about how I feel about the Occupy Wallstreet  protests and the next minute I'll be tweeting about my love for plantains. Exhibit A of my randomness:

I love to share things. Twitter is the perfect vehicle for me to share links, pictures, articles, etc. I find online that are either funny or insightful.

It's my social media hub. Twitter is where all my online lives converge. I've got friends from "real life," blogger buddies, the natural hair community, all in one place. Since my facebook is private, my twitter is the space linking my twitter, my blog, my facebook, my tumblr and life all together lol

Do you tweet?



  1. I do tweet. I think their are connections that you form through tweeting. I love connections. hearing what my friends have to say, responding and seeing the responses.

    when major events occur or something interesting on tv happens I like to see what people say and be a part of that conversation.

  2. @Kiera181 - I definitely agree on liking to see how people respond to major events and tv.

  3. yep, I tweet (we know this haha) because I like to talk about random stuff. all the time.

  4. Twitter frustrated me. LOL
    I'd hope to use it in the same way you described (I'm also quite random at times & love the idea of sharing ideas/emotions/thoughts as they occur); but I couldn't stay under the character limit & I don't yet own a smart phone.
    One day I had to google "RT"...

    I'm still deciding whether to close my account or not.

  5. @MerelyMarie - I find it way more convenient to tweet from a smart phone than the comp... There is definitely a learning curve to learning all the twitter lingo lol

    @Brittany - randomness = awesomeness lol


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