The ABCs of Fall: Jackets

Wow. If I don't hurry up and finish this series soon, I'll have to move onto the ABC's of WINTER lol.

Jackets. Part of the staple wardrobe as the temperature starts to drop in that space between summer and winter. I'm a person who's generally cold, so I like the comfort of a nice fall jacket - although I'm not as fond of bulky winter coats.

My current fall jacket looks like this, only it's brown and it has a hood. A simple pea coat. But it is SO warm that I can wear it in the winter with a sweater under and stay pretty warm. I got it from Burlington Coat Factory, which is my go-to jacket/coat purchasing spot. Other than one really good coat I got from L.L.Bean, any coat that I get from somewhere other than Burlington fails me.

I'm pretty satisfied with my current jacket situation, but if I did NEED another jacket I like some of these looks:


What are your fall jacket preferences?
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  1. I love anything plaid, so my pick would be the last picture you posted. I also have a red peacoat that ties around the waist and I love it. However, given my current location, I think I'll be hitting up an Eddie Bauer for some down pretty soon!

  2. Love blazers, with hoodies or wool sweaters underneath for warmth.

  3. I'm currently on the lookout for a coat of that style. It's FREEZING here most of the year but for some reason I've never splurged on a nice coat. I only have a really old poofy parka from my freshman year and I hate not being able to look stylish when it gets cold out! I tried on a great one at J. Crew but it didn't have real pockets, just flaps. What's the point? I like that first one with the high collar... do you remember where you found it?

  4. @Lorelei - that photo is from but I got a coat very similar from Burlington Coat factor, and it has nice pockets and a hood!


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