Need a break?

Sometimes life can just be busy. Even if every one of your tasks is something you signed on for, or things you enjoy doing, a full schedule is a full schedule and can leave you feeling burned out sometimes. No one should be ashamed to admit when they need a break. That doesn't mean you can't handle hard work, that means you are a SMART worker. You take the time you need in order to get your work done, rather than burning yourself out and being of no use to others or yourself.

Here are some tips on "breaking":

Enjoy mini-breaks - If you don't have the luxury of taking as much time as you want, enjoy the little breaks you do have - your lunch hour, the commute between one obligation and another, even using the bathroom! lol. Make the most of the times when you don't have obligations. Often, instead of enjoying those times we'll spend the whole time thinking about how we wish we had more time, and then the little reprieve you did have is wasted!

Indulge a little - When your schedule is full, and you find you have no time, enjoy little things that you don't always allow yourself to enjoy - a salted caramel mocha instead of your usual plain coffee, a cookie, or make a purchase for something you'll get to enjoy once your schedule clears up more.

Yoga, naps, anything to turn your brain off - When you have a lot to do, your thoughts can become so loud and overwhelming. You're thinking of all you have to do, what needs to be done first, etc. Take some time to enjoy activities that can clear your mind - yoga, or a good old nap. Even 30 minutes to let your mind take a break is beneficial.

What are your tips on handling the need to take a break when you don't have much time?


  1. I love your advice for taking some me-time! My favorite quick-fix break is changing my toenail polish. Takes about twenty minutes, but it puts me in a better mood and makes me feel girly!

    Just stopping by from Mingle Monday! Happy Monday, LaNeshe!

  2. Great advice, just visiting from Mingle Monday!!!

  3. @Sar- I should definitely look into using a break to paint my nails! I've been meaning to take the time to give myself a pedicure for weeks,it hasn't happened yet lol

  4. @sunshine - thanks for stopping by!


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