iPhone 4s Woes

The iPhone 4s has brought me many woes. There was my struggle to get one when they first came out after having not pre-ordered one. And there is my current quest to get a new one, or a repair of my currently cracked/shattered screen. On both occasions my emotions have been tied to the availability of my iPhone 4s. Sadness when it was unavailable, or in the current case, shattered, and happiness when I was able to obtain one, or the prospect of a (free) repair.

That is despicable! I am so ashamed of myself! With aaaallll the blessings in my life, how DARE I allow myself to be so easily manipulated by the status of an electronic? In the back of my mind I say all the right things: I don't NEED an iPhone 4s, it is just a gadget, I have way too much going for me to let a toy get me down..... but that doesn't stop me from pouting from my iPhone 4s woes.

*slaps self on the wrist*

I guess this just exhibits my fortunate-ness - if I can dwell on something as trivial as a gadget, with so many other things going on in life and in the world. I know I'm not the only one who goes goo-goo for gadgets, as exhibited by the huge number of people cursing this Christmas because they didn't get an iPhone or iPad 2, but that doesn't make me feel any better. I'm just in a despicable majority lol.


  1. Girl, you know we're all tricked out over the iphone. I feel your pain. I do hope this gets resolved soon and you get back into your iphone groove!

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